Will Adaptations Ever Get Skins?


Title. I know TRS said that they would have to be a separate thing because they’re different models, so I’m just wondering if it’ll ever happen, or if people wish it would.

I’m on mobile and don’t know how to make polls, so if someone could post one asking if people want adaptation skins, I’d be grateful.


I’d love some skins for the adaptations and would buy them in a heartbeat.


Possibly, though I imagine it’d be pretty low on the list of things to do right now!


Just to clarify, do you just mean monster adaptation skins or skins unique to adaptations on both the hunter side and monster side? Thought I’d ask before making the poll. :smile:


I’d be PISSED if they sold a red-tinted MG skin for 3 bucks.


Monster adaptation skins - Hunter variants already get them. Whether it’s things like magma and frostbite remade or new skins entirely doesn’t really matter to me


Do we want skins for monster adaptations?


  • Yes
  • No


IF they ever did I would want them to sell it at least 0.99 Cause I would buy them as soon as the come out

Green Tinted MG
Neon Glow EK



Yeah, if they changed the color of the lightning or fire crackling around them it’d be sick.


This would be an awesome idea for a Community challenge if they are to ever be revisited. I don’t know. Unless it was one badass freaking reskin, the cheap bastard in me cringes a bit at being offered a chance to purchase extra content for a monster I’ve kinda already bought content for.


I’d love skins for adaptations but it’s unlikely since they use a different model than the originals and would require whole new particle effects to go along with it. Just too much of a challenge for me to see it as possible despite how much I’d love to get them.

Though someone made fan art of a “Bog” skin Meteor Goliath.


An elite skin for the monster adaptations would be awsome


A thousand times yes.


I would be all for adaptation skins. I do get a bit tired looking at the same
thing over and over, so a change in color would be nice! :elderkraken:


That is sick AF! That color, but on Wraith!


And the white whale behemoth!
The one that took out the Ajax


Wow thats awesome looking


To those voting no: do you not think it’s worth the work, don’t wanna pay for a very similar skin you might already own, or just don’t care?


That’s the one I was thinking of! GG


That’s the bog Monster skin theme but a fan edited it to fit MG. Meaning, this is basically a skin for Wraith.

I’d love adaptation skins like that though.