Will a Stage 3 Goliath ever defeat a Hulk?

In a recent movie that I watched, Hulk went up against Veronica, which was a hulk-buster created by Iron Man, Tony Starks, to go one on one with the Hulk:

The Hulk managed to rip out huge numbers of parts from the machine, but ultimately, Veronica managed to hold on her own quite well vs the Hulk, despite the Hulk being supposed to have “infinite strength”.

What are the chances then, that a Hulk can be defeated by a Stage 3 Goliath, which is far larger than a Hulk, if not stronger?

Another point to note is that a Stage 3 Goliath can win a battle versus 4 people with the power close to an Iron Man each.

I mean, look at the size of a Goliath vs a human:

It is far larger than a Hulk.


No, because the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he gets and HULK SMASH PUNY GOLIATH! :smiley:
My twitch title is “Goliath smash puny hunters” because I thought about it how it would be, when they meet

btw, if you familiear with the comics: Imagine Hulk when he comes back to Earth in the “Planet Hulk” Comics…
If they ever make a movie about Civil War and Planet Hulk, that might be very, very angry Hulk in there

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There is a difference here, the hulk doesn’t want to fight tony stark most of the time, so it doesn’t get TOO angry, now, get the goliath to-do something to piss the hulk off, and he is going to get torn apart limb from limb.


it would be an awsome fight tho

If you’re into seeing entrails and guts splashing onto the camera screen then yes, that would be an awesome fight.

goliath would be an awsome oppoent against hulk, even tho i know hulk would win it would still be awsome

Be fun fight, but Hulk would win.

Iron Man uses Veronica to repair the suit multiple times in that fight. Goliath couldn’t call for a new arm. Hulk would crush Goliath.

Hulk would wreck Goliath’s face. Actually, Hulk would wreck all the monster’s faces. Now, if he fought all four at once…

5th tier assault confirmed.

I have faith in Goliath. And if we were doing this logically, don’t you think Hulk would be facing Goliaths? I mean, if this were real life and they ended up facing/hunting the Hulk, they would probably hunt in pairs or packs.

EDIT : 'Will a Stage 3 Goliath EVER defeat a Hulk?

“Sure, these things adapt whatever they need to win.” - Griffin :griffin_2: :kissing_heart: :smiling_imp:


The Hulk can jump miles at a time and once tore a while in existence. Pls Nerf

Jesus, Goliath is that big? He always seems smaller. Oh man

Goliath needs power up in the form of a venom symbiote or gamma ray exposure. Otherwise hulk crushes Goliath.

I think golly can hold his own against movieverse hulk tho.

Goliath chucks a huge rock
Hulk catches it, makes rock fist gloves.
It’s clobbering time!!

Wait, wrong super hero…

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Bruce Banner shot himself in the head and that didn’t stop him

This is a very one sided fight, as the hulk has the power to break free of the sun’s gravity well. this is like comparing mortals and gods. Hulk could easily murder a hives of full grown goliath without much effort. The hulk in the movies is actually nothing in comparison to what he can do in his comics, this is what a calm hulk looks like.

was the most annyoing thing in the movie… More anger = More power so this fight was completely unrealistic…
Tony just made him even more angry so he should have lost this fight…

Hulk would win imo. ^.-

As much as I hate to admit it but, yeah I’d have to give the edge to the Hulk.

It’s as simple as this: no amount of bullets can kill the Hulk while a large amount of bullets will eventually kill the Goliath. By this logic alone, Goliath can’t win.