Wildlife that can attack kraken while in air


The kraken seems to get away with a lot in this game. I think there needs to be wildlife that can attack the kraken, either flying wildlife or ground wildlife that can launch projectiles (think porcupine) into the air if attacked. The kraken can just avoid all contact with wildlife when trying to level up by flying and using its powers in the air.


There is no wildlife that can attack Goliath mid leap either. What’s the difference?

After facing so much Goliath during the alpha, people panic against the Kraken, and end up thinking it is automatically better. While I’m sure that there will be tweaks to all characters (monsters and hunters alike), things were pretty balanced for the hours I logged. Kraken just needs a different mindset to fight effectively - how boring would it be if every monster was the same? With the time people had, they were shocked by the switch up and didn’t take the time to adjust. If people started against the Kraken and then were exposed to unlocked Goliaths, I’m 100% sure that the bias would be in the opposite direction.


This is a problem I saw.

Kraken was able to tank large mobs like snapjaws (correct term?) and its bad design when snapjaws are a balance against spam farming early in a round when hunters haven’t even landed.


Goliath can still be attacked when trying to feed, kraken can just sit in the air. at one point Goliath was new to everyone and you could win your first match inexperienced against a experienced Goliath player. I’m not just speaking from a hunters point of view, I’m speaking from playing as kraken as well. I could just destroy teams, and teams I knew were good, like when I played with friends who i knew were experienced players and knew what they were doing. I also notice that a lot of people who say kraken is op are the ones who are speaking as having played as the kraken.


This is inaccurate - feeding mechanics are identical for both monsters.

The trick is, when Goliath was new, nobody considered themselves experts yet - that is, until they learned how to consistently take him down. They went in with fresh eyes, and came out proud. With the Kraken, people went in proud and ended up badly mistaken. Monster players who unlocked Kraken had to be at least decent as a monster to unlock him, and most hunters assume that the same strategies would work against the new opponent. Being good vs Goliath and good vs Kraken are two very different matters. Plus, the game has only been in alpha for a few days - it’s a stretch to say anyone is really experienced at this point at all :wink:

I too have played both as and against the Kraken. While I agree that he is strong, he isn’t on some other level than the Goliath in terms of overall power. Both monsters can do a lot of damage if left unchecked: it is in the nature of asymmetry. Of all the Kraken players I’ve fought, I’ve only lost to three (one of these was because my team literally gave up at the loading screen and went afk instead of playing it out). I took down somewhere between seven and ten without much trouble. People were less willing to take the time to understand weaknesses, and few exploited them before jumping to conclusions.


Difference being Kraken can take on big wildlife at stage 1 without tradeoffs while Goliath has to wait to have more high damage abilities so he can kill it before it can damage him back.

Not claiming Kraken is OP. Just that he does deal with hostile wildlife better.


I can agree that the range helps a lot. Still, it takes a good amount of time in early stages - if hunters don’t catch up by then, something is wrong.


I have no problems taking down things like Sloths as a stage 1 Goliath provided I have a bit of armour. I usually take Fire Breath, Leap Smash and Charge though, the burst tends to kill it without even losing a bar of armour in the process. Sure, the Kraken has basically no opposition if he uses the air to farm but it feels like both monsters have such an easy time taking on the wildlife with their abilities that there’s practically no difference in damage taken. Besides which, a Kraken using Lightning Strike or Banshee Mines to farm can be heard from a mile away.


Keep in mind while Kraken can take out larger wildlife sooner there is a tradeoff there too…usually he’s going to have to fly to not get touched, unless he already maxed his lightning strike at lvl 1. A flying Kraken can be more easily spotted and tranqed from afar.


They also mentioned the more you eat more likely it is to have carion birds swarm to the carcass, so eating bigger animals lowers that risk.


and as soon as the third tier is unlocked,JK lol actually when the third tier unlocks i have a feeling people will claim the kraken is even MORE op lol. the devs struggle to play the 3rd tier monster right. so imagine the noobish masses!! they will hate it lol.

user friendly/skill level: Noobs

Kraken :kraken_stare: : easy. rewarding high damage for basic aim. everyone can run away while firing abilities. Ppl cant dodge for nothing.

Goliath :goliath_roar: : medium. after learning not to fight stage 1 unless ur confident and smart with your play, goliath takes some positioning management and linking skills in order to bring down solid hunter teams.

3rd tier :godmode: : hard. last to unlock because it will be hard to use. the devs struggle. so will the nooblords.

Skilled teams/Ametuer going pro’s

Kraken :kraken_stare: : easy, sticking onto the kraken and never letting him go. watch e3 vids to see what the devs do. easily roasted if he cannot juke the hunters. once “figured out” all claims of OP will cease.

Goliath :goliath_roar: : medium, although it seems like an easy task with a pro team. goliath hits like a bus and its really hard to get away from him. once the dome drops tranqs or not goodluck keeping up with a skilled goliath. super fast.

3rd tier :godmode: well see here is where it gets juicy, a pro 3rd tier will have unlocked its full potential that the devs are struggling to accomplish. if the skill cap is rumored as such then the 3rd tier has the potential to be far more deadly than the other 2 if played right. even a pro team will quake in thier boots. :no_mouth:

AND DONT FORGET. THE ALMIGHTY DLC MONSTER IS INCOMING :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I don’t think its a bad idea. Would be cool on some maps for flying wildlife that migrate across the map. I’m not sure about the projectiles makes me think of plants versus zombies, but still a cool idea! Keep the suggestions coming!



I can’t deal with anymore kraken blah blah. Kraken can fly yes and the wildlife can’t reach just like goliath can leap away and charge through wildlife when hes had enough. They both land stationary to eat. Honestly what would you think a flying creature would do? Jog around the map with a bottle of water?


First of all this post is a few days old now. Just stating kraken can do things that give it an advantage. He can kill larger wildlife with no threat of being attacked to help him evolve quicker, and by killing larger wildlife he’s also lowering his chances that carion(sp?) birds won’t flock down to the carcass. With Goliath you have to stick to smaller animals or risk taking damage. When you stick to smaller animals you have to eat more which means the birds will appear more to show the hunters where he is. The kraken evolve on this planet so you would think there would be other flying creatures, but there’s just harmless birds. Your last sentence isn’t funny so don’t keep checking for likes. Anyways, in the end you were actually talking about something else, just avoiding wildlife in general, I was talking about having to attack wildlife and suffering damage. One character has to, the other doesn’t, and currently the one that doesn’t is also the strongest.


Kraken didn’t quite grow on this planet, it’s an invasive species, a very dangerous one at that just like Goliath. Goliath can take down even a sloth at stage 1 without losing health provided he uses his abilities and he’s much more mobile so he can handle the carrion better than Kraken can. Sure, if they were both using normal attacks to kill the big wildlife then Kraken could do it from the air without taking damage while Goliath will take some, but both of them will take way too long to kill the bigger critters without using abilities for it to be worth it anyway. Kraken also generates a lot more noise when using skills to farm than Goliath does and attacking from midair makes him pretty damn obvious anyway. There’s tradeoffs for both monsters but neither of them care about anything that’s not a tyrant even at stage 1. They care more about what might turn up because of them feeding.

With all that said, It’d be pretty cool to see some wildlife with projectile attacks or something. While it’s really not necessary for the sake of having something that can hit a flying Kraken, it would vary the wildlife a bit more and add another monster to annoy the players which I’d welcome :stuck_out_tongue: could imagine giving that skill to a particularly cheeky critter that likes to attack on sight. Monsters prevented from feeding and hunters having to tell their healer that they were shot again.