Wildlife spawns


I know that there is no guarantee that a Tyrant will have the Health Regen perk, or even spawn on the map, but is there a Tyrant Spawn point on EVERY MAP. ((Not limited to Tyrant, mind you. It could be any wildlife, elite or not)) What I mean is, is there ever going to be a situation, where I go into a game, and know that there is 0 chance of EVER finding a Tyrant on this map. Or is ALL WILDLIFE spawns random?


I know, at least in my experience, that tyrants and plants and things of that nature(things that will kill and eat you) will always be in the same spot and spawned on a map. As far as smaller wildlife I’m unsure.


Rendering Plant and Orbital Drill, the desert-y acid pool maps, do not have Tyrant spawns. Instead they have Armadons. I imagine it’s like this for any acid maps.


Interesting. So, be much more careful when you know there is no chance of that health regen perk. As long as I know there is a CHANCE of that Health Regen, I play a little less cautious.


Same here. On the bright side, you can plan around an Elite Armadon with the 35% damage reduction. It does help wonders, wounded or not.


So, another question. If I have 10% damage bonus perk. And I have my 10% damage bonus from Mastering my Aftershock, then I pick up a 35% damage bonus from a Sloth…do I have a 55% damage increase for Aftershock (and 45% increase for the other abilities)


I believe that MacMan said all damage increases are additive not multiplicative so… yes?


No. Perks and Buffs do NOT stack.

The Elite Buff will cancel out the Perk you picked at the start of a match, if they tweak the same value.

If you picked movement speed perk, and THEN found Damage increase buff from an Elite wildlife, then you’d have two buffs active.


And where does my Mastery bonus fall into place? Is that active NO MATTER WHAT, since I MASTERED it?



I think there will be a way to disable those in Custom game modes though.


Thank you, good Sir. You have answered this Monster’s questions!


You’re welcome :B