Wildlife spawning late playing monster

Every monster match I start and run into the map, the wildlife doesn’t appear in front of me and sometimes I have to go really far into the map to actually find wildlife.
They often generate/spawn behind me or then late in their location.
So right after match begin I have to camp certain locations where I know wildlife should be and magically they appear late.

This gets annoying when some bigger animals appear out of no where and block my path.

I notice that mostly when I play monster but also sometimes as a hunter.
Playing on ps4.
I had this issue also in the previous patch build.

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That is an intended mechanic I think. Wildlife doesn’t immediately spawn to give the monster time to decide more about where to make distance as opposed to getting early feed. It should level out to normal once hunters drop.

I hope it isn’t. As Monster I typically find a good feeding route so when I immediately run there and there are no wildlife I have time to sit and have a cup of tea before they decide to show up. This is especially problematic when wildlife spawns are one way of tracking the Monster so when you’re waiting a couple seconds for spawning it can mean a S1 dome if they take longer than usual.

I don’t mind that, but at least the bigger prey shouldn’t pop out of nowhere and block your path suddenly.