Wildlife should not enter the mobile arena


I’ve had several unpleasant experiences with the wildlife entering the arena. While I am fine with the monster choosing strategic fights around dangerous wildlife, there is no fun in a dune beetle suddenly running into the arena cause he chased you from across the map. Or a tyrant suddenly entering it, not being able to exit the arena and going absolutely mental on any hunter that comes close.

Please, the wildlife already helps the monster more than enough. This can lead to some really frustrating experiences, without it being a mistake from the hunters or something skilful done by the monsters.


Heheh, seconded, im tired of having my medic die by random happenings
Freakin beetle


Just as RNG birds mess with monsters, RNG striders will continue to dominate hunters.


Hmmmmm, I don’t know how I feel about this.

I must ponder this a little while.


Makes sense. Why would any animal run INTO a seemingly solid glowing wall of electrical-ness?


Because reasons?


Because they’re not from earth and most likely think differently?


Even though it is frustrating I believe it is just another part of the game you will just have to cope with. Try not to throw a dome with or near any aggressive wildlife but if you do just kill it real quick and then focus on your monster.


So… non-sentient animals from Shear have an evolutionary knowledge of forcefields and how they work?


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No,and that’s my point. I don’t expect a Dune Bettle to understand a Forcefield,but I do expect it to go after its prey.
Damn it now I’m thinking of a stage 3 Dune Bettle.


Hahahaha,you’re not funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


No but they are super territorial and seeing a big blue thing go up in their territory would cause them to go agro and try to attack it causing them to get stuck in the dome where 4 weird looking assholes are making loud noises and fighting with another loud huge asshole in it’s territory so then it proceeds to Reckface.


Because “OOH SHINY!”


Wut. 10 chars


Hunters v monster haha Dunebeetles think everyone is an asshole :stuck_out_tongue:


Does a Dune Bettle look in a mirror and think “Man,what an asshole.”


Haha no but that’s probably cause it doesn’t own one.


The reflection in the Water?


Man Idk bro I’m just a Behemoth don’t ask all these questions of me.