Wildlife run speed


I was playing a game as Wraith and those damn gazelles run away so fast! I spent a good 10 seconds chasing the same food, just barely out of melee range. How do you pros catch the wildlife without using your traversals or abilities? Since the wildlife spot you from a mile away and start running at a respectable speed, it takes quite a while to catch up to one if your stuff is on cool down.
Do you guys sneak attack all your food if your travs/abilities are on cd? Any advice for farming quickly and efficiently for this noob would be appreciated!


Are you sure it wasn’t moving super fast? I hear there’s some kind of bug where wildlife runs like crazy.


I feel this to my core


I didn’t have any movement speed perks, and it was running about equal speed to me. Since it had about a 30m head start, I had to use traversals to catch up. Its happening pretty consistently, so I figured it was normal wildlife behavior.


I’m also having this problem as Wraith sometimes. But I mainly use movement speed perks.


even at full super speed full buff perk on Overpowered… Watch and enjoy

go to the timestamp of 5:35 to watch wildlife run away and Super Vegeta Speeds!


It’s a bug from the last patch, they’re not supposed to be this fast


This is a known bug and the Devs are working on a fix for the upcoming patch :slight_smile:


Tomorrow’s patch, I think


actually if you were in Australia it should be TODAY but pretty much all major game companies live on the negative time zones


I don’t think it’s “Today” for Australia now :stuck_out_tongue: