Wildlife respawn makes tagging wildlife meaningless

Abe need to actually see the monster to track it if not using planet scanner, will this get fixed in near future? for performance issue you can always cap the number of tagged wildlife or make them respawn with the tag

that’s kinda OP, knowing Abe has planet scanner

seeing griffin and other trappers (maybe not both maggie) work totally fine when they have the same gear performing the same way as it was in legacy on top of PS, I don’t see why it will become OP when the dart gets its legacy feature

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Not really it’s in abes description that he can dart wildlife and tag then, if it’s eaten the monster is tagged.
It just doesn’t work now because once hunters and monster leave the area they despawn and respawn when someone enters removing the tag.


Thats how it worked in legacy.
Or rather wildlife didnt reset when out of range, so they stayed tagged.

Would be more akin to a bug fix than anything.
Though, considering the addition of planetscanner the duration could use a slight nerf perhaps

Yeah, that’s why I used the word “fix”. I don’t really think it is a bug but an oversight when remaking wildlife, so I need someone tag an appropriate Dev for me since I am not sure who is responsible for this

you know what, I am just tagging @snowkissed and hope she could refer this to someone

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God forbid having a hunter that can actually do his job as described, right?


Right, and i’m grateful because of it

I can imagine.

I know this is something we were looking into; I don’t know if we’re still looking at it or if we have a solve/answer. I’ll try to find out on Monday when I can access the bug database.


thank you very much

any updates on the issue?