Wildlife OP


So I Warp Blast into a group of those electric strider things, about 5 of them. And die. As Wraith. GG Wildlife.

Let’s hear your wildlife fails!


pics or it didnt happen


My screenshot finger was stuck to my forehead during the facepalm.


buff wraith!


Those creatures should be the next monster.


No armor? Were you already weakened?

At least you learned that Mammoth Birds are not to be trifled with. :slight_smile:


They certainly were not birds. It was those bipedal things with tentacles. Unfortunately I was low :frowning:


They’re called Mammoth Birds. :slight_smile:


Ah, upon Googling it seems you are correct. Strange name for something that hardly resembles a bird?


You doubted me??


We had a kraken today who made A similar mistake
he tried to run from us with very little health an got killed by a mamoth bird
it was hilarious


Glaciopods OP!

Or should I say. . .

Glaciopods poOP!





In the beginning I tried spending a good 20 seconds smashing some of the red elites in the face at level one, soon realised this was a pointless endeavour! …I even tried flame breath kiting a Beatle…right into all 5 hunters, I died in seconds :smiley:


I ate a glaciopod poop and it summoned carrion birds. They’re not picky,that’s for sure, but why do they decide to flock AFTER I eat the poop?


They found out it’s edible. They are like those guys that follow you around and only do things after someone else does them…what are they called…Sheep?


because you stirred up the poop and now it smells.


Mammoth birds are not something you want to fuck with as a monster. I saw two of those things kill a Tyrant. It was horrifying. (I then killed them both and got to stage 2 immediately because 10 meats OP)