Wildlife Monsters?


So I have been doing some thinking and it’s been a while since I though or thought of a theory.

Crowbill Sloth - Goliath

They are both strong and can stand there ground, they are also very territorial. Although Goliath can throw rocks and breathe fire he still is alike to the Sloth

Mammoth Bird - Kraken

There tentacles both release electricity, and they are both overpowered :stuck_out_tongue:

Dune Beetle - Wraith

If you think for awhile you will see they are both quick and they have there scythes

Obsidian Grub - Behemoth

When the grub digs itself into the ground that acts like Behemoths rock wall ability

Venomhound - Gorgon

They both have poison type abilities and when a Venomhound pounces on you it kinda looks familiar to Gorgons pounce.

The only one I have doubts on it the Dune Beetle one, but other than that they all seem similar to each other and if my theory is correct then who is doing what to the Wildlife?

Something I had in mind just before posting this was: What if the monsters first saw these wildlife when coming onto the planets and adapting to them?


Pretty sure they took on those forms because they wanted to mold themselves after our fears.


Don’t know about you but I run like hell from most of those things if I can’t kill on sight.


They aren’t from wildlife. Behemoth isn’t even from Shear, he’s from Factor and who knows what before that.

The Monsters adapt to what they need to kill and destroy Patterson tech, that is all. They don’t originate from or are in any way related to Shear’s wildlife.


It’ just a theory


This theory has been made several times before