Wildlife in arena


I believe there needs to be a change to the wildlife that appears in arena mode. Jumped into a game earlier where we fought a kraken player who was focusing the medic. It was the barracks and the arena was down in the cave area. The monster was having trouble taking down the medic between the spore clouds and my charged stasis shots but the game decided to spawn reavers and mammoth birds in the dome with us. It absolutely cost us the game because the mammoth birds were being stupid and not running away and were more running in circles zapping myself and the support every few seconds moving sunny’s shield away from the medic and the medic was downed by a reaver after running around a wall away from the monster. Basically I don’t think its fair for either side to have to deal with hostile wildlife in this mode. What do you all think, should hostile wildlife be removed from arena mode?


I’ve always agreed for removing it. it’s a death match between the monster and the hunters.


In case it was misunderstood I do want wildlife to spawn, the monster should have the chance to re-armor or evolve if the hunters are actually giving them the time but anything that can attack should never appear during this mode.


Uhh that is practically everything.


Striders, obsidian grubs, spotters, steamadons, crystal poopers… Yeah.


Glaciopods. Get educated

  • Remove wildlife.
  • Hunters always win if time runs out.
  • Monster automatically loses when outside its combat state (visible healthbar) for over 30 seconds (to prevent peeps who enjoy hiding all match long with the sole intention of wasting everyone’s time). This timer pauses when a Hunter cloaks.

These 3 things should’ve been in Arena mode from the start.

Punishment for monster players who refuse to fight inside Arena

but squishy monsters NEED wildlife to rearmor up. there isnt even that much wildlife to begin with. if ur getting killed by wildlife more than likely u deserve it.


Monsters shouldn’t armor up at all. That’s the whole point of the gamemode. Fight to the death.

The fact that there’s wildlife in Arena only goes against what TRS was aiming for with this mode and if the Monster NEEDS to retreat for armor at any point then that’s a problem in the balance of the mode or character itself, not a reason to keep wildlife in.


Some monsters are built around hit n run tactics, and require armor to stay viable. by allowing a monster to eat in a permanent arena doesnt effect the “balance” in the slightest. Like i said there is virtually no wildlife inside the arena and god knows it takes 10+ minutes already for them to respawn. if ur letting the monster retreat to eat its ur fault as hunters for not pressuring him.
And as for wildlife killing you as hunters, its not hard to clear out the starting area or simply get to high ground, thats where you should be fighting the monster from anyway.


Bay be after 10 or so seconds after leaving combat mode, squishy monsters get a AR effect. Behemoth does not need this, so he would get a small AR while Wraith gets a higher. They should be able to armor up 1 or 2 times in a dome, otherwise it’s in favor of the monster. If monster hasn’t killed any of the hunters and is 1/2 AR into the battle, they need to accept the loss.


I like crystal poopers more…



Grub*, and yes Obsidian Grubs are fairly badass.


how?! all they do is hide in a shell and are annoying to kill!


I think removing SOME wildlife would be ok, but keep tyrants and sloths in the right places, consider broken hill murder pits, the tyrant pit was a genious idea, keeping an area of disturb for both teams makes the match much more interesting or we could just fight in empty domes… just i want that wildlife actually focus both teams not only one


I think we should remove it because a lot of Monster players just run about the map, eating and eating until they level up to Stage Three, so the fair balance between the Hunters and the Monster is broken, and therefore unfair.

Also, I got teabaggaed when this once happened to me, which was just really unfair. Look out everyone! We got a badass in here!


I guess I failed to mention that I was killing the mammoth birds. Killed 2 of them because they wouldn’t back off. But that distracted me from the actual battle and gave the monster time where he wasnt being slowed down or shot at by myself (nobody else even paid attention that they were being hit by things other than the monster). Also it can be pretty difficult to kill a reaver with crows rifle. I don’t think all wildlife should be removed from arena mode, but any wildlife that can help either side finish off the other is kinda lame and defeats the purpose of the mode entirely. Those four tyrants down the middle of the murder pits are a prime example of unnecessary wildlife. Just make it a pit of acid if that’s really what they want from that spot. In theory I could get a miracle hit and push all four hunters down there with almost completely full health and the match could end with me only hitting them once because the tyrants chomp down and finish them off for me and I don’t like that that’s even a possibility


Also to those who would say to completely remove all wildlife to prevent the monster from gaining armor or evolving than you have already forgotten the purpose of the mode. The fact that you just stood there and waited for the monster to come to you and gave it the time to actually eat enough for full armor or to evolve is entirely your own fault. Honestly I’ve done this before where the team of hunters just stood there and didn’t even bother coming after me so I just left them alone until I evolved. I didn’t need to because I wrecked them in the first round but I feel if your gonna play defend mode than I should get to stage 3.

when the medic is gone and the hunters let the monster get armor your letting it do exactly what you can’t do anymore so you totally deserve to lose


Remove all wildlife and make the monster stage 3. I mean, it’s a hunter favored meta anyway. Might as well cut the monsters some slack and give a little bit of breathing space. Seems reasonable to me.


The spawn rates should be set to “less wildlife” instead of the default. That way a monster can armor up but some asshole who goes Kraken on my lvl 30 medic and nearly dies doesn’t get a free s3.

This is a Quickplay/Custom only mode, remember.