Wildlife idea!


I for one feel like there is some downtime during evolve. What if we had a super elite wildlife unique to each map that roams the area? Monsters and hunters would both have to plan accordingly to avoid it. it will keep the excitement alive and help prevent hunters and monster from sitting in an area too long. One idea i thought would be cool to see is a huge bird that would capture players that venture off alone or briefly challenge the monster for meals if in the area. Any thoughts?


Sounds fun for a custom game mode.


Seems kind of annoying more than fun to be honest. If it was in a centralized location and it was tough, then yes. And I mean tough as in it would take the Hunters and Monster working in tandem to take it down with some difficulty.


I want some actual boss wildlife. ^.^


I just want something the Monster has to respect as dangerous. Everything right now is a mere annoyance to Goliath, Behemoth and Wraith, and an utter joke to Kraken.


Yeah, how I feel about it.


I like the idea, but still, wouldn’t Kraken have a slight edge over the other monsters? It’ll be harder to farm elites sure, but nothing hard enough to require you to touch the ground. Then stage 2 Krakens get Damage buff or resit or CDR but CDR probably won’t be incredibly hard to get for any monster since mammoth birds are pounce-able and all. I don’t know, I feel like weakening the effects is more likely to balance it, but super wildlife sounds way more fun and gets rid of stage 1 monsters running their routes so effectively. If elite mammoth birds had super speed and mad hops I think i’d be happy.

Edit: Naaahhh kraken wouldn’t be OP i just heard @macman make a pretty good argument, well he still might be you never know, but probably not.


This kind of makes me want to play as said giant wildlife just to randomly be a jerk to everyone.


I think it would be cool if there was a “boss wildlife” that would give some kind of passive buff that wouldn’t spawn late into the game and didn’t affect other wildlife buffs.


They should make it a separate game mode like have whatever an Orion Terrosaur is supposed to be roam the map.