Wildlife Horde Mode, thoughts?


So one of the main factors that I love about Evolve is the wildlife, hunting monsters within Shear’s exotic ecosystem of powerful beasties, and I considered steering away from the 4v1 element to embellish the lore a little and if the game could have a horde survival mode, especially with the recent success Warzone Firefight has had on Halo 5. So, like Evolve’s arena mode, take various small to medium sized areas of the map, each one housing a specific objective you have to defend. Maybe a colonist village where you have to protect the population whilst they evacuate over the course of several waves of invading wildlife, and an occasional Stage 2 monster. Obviously new wildlife would have to be introduced with various different forms to keep the enemies brutal, varied and exciting to fight, and I believe there are various fantastic concepts for creatures that were unused in the full game. And if a monster came into the mix, it would become an all out brawl between the hunters, wildlife and monster, and perhaps the monster it’s self could have a randomised skin when it spawns. Another clear thing to give this mode some more breadth would be to add fortifications, perhaps with specifications for each class. So how does everyone else feel about this? And does anyone have any other ideas or perhaps ways to include a single opponent player to retain the 4v1 theme?