Wildlife guide


something i would really like to read is a ‘‘wild life guide’’ with a picture of the creature, generally what it does, how much evolve meter it gives, if it incaps hunters for a time, which buffs. so on so forth.

have anybody tried making this or would anybody provide help and pictures if i were to try it?


There’s a guide right here on the forums. It has the information you suggested; just read it over and it might help. :grin: You’ll have to scroll a ways down for the wildlife.


thanks. i missed this guide.


It’s suuuuper handy. One of the most confusing things about this game when you first start playing are the ‘wildlife tips’ on the loading screens.

“Steamadons let out a cloud of steam on death that can obscure visbility.”

Heyyy, that’s great. Y’know what’d be useful? Knowing what a steamadon looked like before it enveloped me in a cloud of dense vapour. -_-

(Okay, think the guide here still doesn’t have a pic of a steamadon, but… y’know, you get the idea.)


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I have one too, which I’'m finishing off today. It’s been around for ages now but it’s kinda sunk to the bottom of the Forum: