Wildlife Grab Bug


this might not be a bug, if it is NOT a bug then it needs to be changed.

So I got jumped by a wildlife, started the Escape animation and before it could finish a Tyrant came up and grabed me OUT of the Animation, so I got double grabed before I could even move.


I think you just got unlucky. Sounds to me like it’s working as intended. You were disabled long enough for the tyrant to grab you, and then you were grabbed.


Shear aint no vacay’


no. it was literally a double grab. i got grabed. 1-2 seconds later the tyrant stole me from the other wildlife


So you were disabled long enough to get disabled?


no no no. you’re not understanding.

so I get grabed by something I cant escape from. During that animation a Tyrant walks up and STEALS ME from the other wildlife.

Double grab.

If im already in the jaws of 1 predator, why can another predator come up and steal me away?


Because the tyrant can literally eat the other one?


Because the Tyrant is a scary beast and will destroy any wildlife that opposes it!!!

:stuck_out_tongue: By the sounds of it, you were in a non lethal command grab (say a venomhound) when suddenly a Tyrant decided to say “SURPRISE MUTHA~EXPLICATIVE!!!” In this case, I’d say that it’d be working as intended considering lethal command grabs > non lethal command grabs. Besides, the Tyrant’s the king of Shear when it comes to wildlife. Ya’ll just had some bad luck.

I hope your team was there to shoot off the nasty beasty :wink:


Maybe…but I still think its a bug. Never ending wildlife grabs wut


Yu clearly haven’t had a whole pack of Blitzleapords pounce you one after another


If you get grabbed by any of the big wildlife and don’t get freed, you get eaten and your body cannot even be revived by laz. I think you got it easy.


#shearproblems :wink:

Doesn’t sound like a bug to me, sounds like seriously bad luck. Oh and Tyrants eat things besides hunters… Their other favorite items on the Shear menu include Mammoth Birds and Marsh Stryders. But they will eat just about anything.


ok so its not a bug. its an annoying “feature”. -heads off to the feedback thread-