Wildlife damage?


Anyone else notice retain wildlife doing more damage? Like reavers and trap jaws? And the tyrant can take down a monsters armour incredibly fast now? I’m not complaining, i actually like the change, but I can’t find a change to wildlife in any patch notes


I couldve sworn they did more damage, but idk, maybe everyone is just crazy ~(^-^)~


Like now? Or before patch?


I’m wondering if the x2 damage is multiplying across the board to be honest. those stupid thunder-chickens chop off a whole block of health these days.


Now, before id fight a tyrant and take like 2 bars of armor, but now its like “Wat, why am i at half armor?”


Id hope not lol


I kinda hope so. Because I SWEAR I wasn’t this bad at monster before 2.0 ><


Exactly! And I use to ignore reavers as hunter but now i actually have to watch or kill them


Its prolly just T4, their damage is crazy right now


I always shoot reavers in the face, their presence…annoys me


I agree. I bet it’s why kraken is so popular right now. Who would want to touch the ground when nukes and mortars fall from the sky like rain, lol.


As I slowly raise my hand


And little bugs are always bouncing off your face >_>
I hate slim most of all, he irks me


Agreed! I don’t mind his healing, but seriously… nose-bugs… I need to get perscription glasses to find hunters o.O

I really can’t wait to see the upcoming bug fixes snip snip Slim? lol, and see what the next state of the game will be.


I bet you they are going to make slims nades cd like hydes currently is


Poor monster players, we need to help them. ^.^

Coming from a hunter player, lets tone down the health the wildlife takes from the monster a little. :smile:


Nah he just needs a damage nerf, the damage that leech gun can do is just plain crazy


I hear with the reload speed, he can fire off heals almost perpetually.


Yep, its like one every 2 seconds, its insanity


Yes but he heals less than any medics so it makes semse