Wildlife Cosplay


Hello TRS!

@MacMan Thank you for the images you put out earlier with the 360 views of the hunters and monsters. I have but a simple request. Would you be able to do the same for each of your wildlife (albino and regular variants if possible)? I mean the reason is obvious. Why would you not want to cosplay the majestic Mammoth Bird! It is the unmentioned true enemy of humanity, and probably the unconfirmed 5th monster.

This would be a huge help. I tried taking screenshots in game and Hank Bots hatred of all nature made it very difficult to get work done. :frowning:


I will cosplay the mighty Dune Beetle.


I wanna cosplay that thing that poops everywhere


I’d probably cosplay as the Mammoth Bird and go around smacking people.


I want to cosplay a mammothbird, with the electricity too :wink:


Would someone point me to these 360 degree views of the monsters, please? I would like to see them.


It’s a Glaciopod. I expect you’d have to eat a lot of glitter and glow in the dark play-doh to get the result you’re looking for here if you’re going to actually crap glowing goo onto a convention center floor though. I wish you the best of luck in this courageous effort.


Drop Majestic for Demonic and I might accept that sentence O.o

On topic, I am rather curious towhat people can come up with. No I don’t expect Spotters and Obsidian Beetles, but the more medium sized ones like those jolty a**holes and the Striders :stuck_out_tongue:

Bonus points if you find a Monster Cosplayer if/when the cosplay went public. Boy would that get awkward!


@DamJess Is this something we could possible get? I mean look at this things majesty:


You want to cosplay as a mammoth bird? That’s just wrong…
Don’t you know they are evil?


You hush, they are the alpha species. That doesn’t make them evil.


They want to see all life bathed in electricity, and dead… Monster, and hunter alike…




So, they are evil. ^.^


Absolutely not.


If they just want everything to die, and suffer; they are evil. ^.-


Only Hunters, Monsters, and Reavers. They’re pretty chill with everyone else.

Edit - way off topic, so back to wildlife cosplay!