Wildlife bugging into walls


Not sure if this has happened to you guys (cause im a xbox user) but sometimes i pounce wildlife (in this case a elephant bird) and its body got stuck in the wall and i couldnt eat it, it was so tempting also im pretty sure i was using the behemoth?
Also sometimes when I pounce a hunter at the wall they go inside the wall but eventually come out from my pounce being cancelled


I’ve had wildlife fall through the floor, but never through a wall. :smiley:
Do you have any footage of this as it would be helpful to the devs?


no soz :sweat_smile: and it didnt fall through its body just got stuck in the wall


Ah ok my bad. :smile:
Maybe it was connection issues?

It was worth reporting anyway, now I’m interested to see this. :smiley:


Thank you. This has been logged. :slight_smile: May I ask what platform you are on?




<---- derp derp. haha Thank you!


No problem.
I do it all the time. :smile: