Wildlife buffs, my main issue


So wildlife buffs can change the tide of a game, but my main issue is that the monster can deny the hunters a buff, by simply eating it. while the hunters can pick up lets say a really good buff, such as a nomad or tyrant, then the monster happens by and eats the buff too. but whenever your the hunter and the monster kills a nomad or tyrant and gets the buff, they have denied you the buff by eating the corpse.

Its kind of aggravating not gonna lie, especially when its movement speed or traversal then there’s almost no catching them then. And the hunters not having the same buff doesnt help


Well, the hunters can pick up buffs instantly and in the middle of battle. Also, in combat/domes or when the hunters are right on the monster’s tail, it’s way easier for the hunters to deny the monster a buff then than it is for the monster to deny a hunter a buff.

Also, if you have all 4 members of your team, hunters take down elite wildlife crazy fast.


Monster and hunters were never designed to be equal in everything. Monsters are faster, hunters have dropship, monster takes permanent damage, hunters have countless abilities to counter, etc

What hunters lose in terms of denying a perk in the chase, they make up for in denying during domes.


I’m not going to lie, this topic has been done to death, without any solid conclusion

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Monsters love them, some even rely on them. Hunters generally don’t like them or could care less.
Personally, if they are left in the game, I would love to see some changes in how they spawn, duration, and strength. I find them to be a rather vestigial feature, that causes more problems than solves.


I didnt realize there were so many, thats my bad.


Most of them have collected so much dust, I don’t personally see the harm in reopening the subject to conversation. I just wanted to warn you about the rabbit hole you’re about to dive into. :smiley:


I don’t think it is that big of an issue. And I completely agree with @MrHat556 on this.