Wildlife Buffs balance discussion


Please look on the wildlife buffs, monster can deny them hunters cant and its really silly to buff hunt from the start of the game or loose straight away to a 35% damage increase, damage reduce 35% or Cdr buff.

Atleast give hunters the ability to deny them as fast as the monster does. I doubt you can get telemetry on how many monsters get stage 1 buff from the start of the game and how many of those games results in a win?

Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance

I would suggest adding a delay before Elites can spawn(maybe even only for certain elites). Like a 5 minute delay or something. To avoid people camping for the creature at exactly 5 minutes make it randomized: give it a random variance of something like +/- 30 seconds, they can guess wrong and lose the chance for the buff or be too late. Another option is having it limited to only a different set of elites being available before the timer is up, to stop people from using Stage 1 Cooldown Reduction or 35% damage buff. But I don’t know, I think it’s fairly difficult to win as Stage 1 using this. I tried it once in Solo and won as Kraken when I found the cooldown reduction Elite and had 3 point Vortex. Only won because I was able to focus Lazarus, who didn’t cloak or anything and the others took a while to show up for some reason, it could easily have been a loss against players.

Probably, the best way to implement this would be as a third option in Custom. Elite Wildlife: On/Off/Delay


Now wildlife buffs need to be adjusted, so they are more like perks instead of iwin buttons.


One thing that bugs me about this, is the fact that the monster needs to eat the buff, whilst the hunters just need to go up to it and press a button. The monster can be stopped from getting a buff whilst in the middle of eating it, but to stop the hunters you need to push them off it repeatedly.


and the monster can denie the buff for the hunters, doesnt work the other way without gimping your team


Try to get a reaver to eat it, other than that you have to wait.


What is this sorcery. Reavers are not meant to eat my buffs. Stop this foolishness.


They are in fact capable of eating buffs. The support can make them chase all the way to the corpse, cloak, and watch as it eats an entire Tyrant/Nomad/Megamouth.


If I happen to see anyone named shin in my games I am gonna make sure he is finished by a reaver. Giving tips away to get my buffs eaten…


Then I assume you play PC? ^.-


Yes I do, but I didn’t know you do. You are probably not playing with europeans too much or we would have stumbled upon each other a long time ago already


Probably, I have 800 hours put into Evolve so far. I play every day. I’m messing around in solo right now. Trying out exploits and such.


Actually hunters can, and in two ways.

  • Camp the corpse and punish the monster freely if he commits to get a slab of meat off them bones.
  • Leash a reaver/trapjaw/venomhound (works best for support with the cloak) to the corpse, and it will be gone in a matter of seconds.


Both not feasible. Either free stage three or risk that he gets it anyway.


Depends what the buff is though as to whether that free stage three is a bad thing, I’d rather fight a stage three monster than a stage 2 monster with a damage output buff.


Camping the corpse lets monster freely get to stage 2-3 depending when the hunters decide to kill it no?

Leashing reavers/trapjaws etc… sounds good gotta try this out, dunno why there aint some kind of mechanick on doing it differently thou.


Depends on the skill of the hunter group (wich i agree it shouldent),

I would rather fight a S3 anything at a good location, than chase a S1/2 anything with +35% buff.
This ofcourse, is only if you decide to camp the corpse.

But leashing is absolutely a thing, and works very very well infact. but its one more thing for a hunter team to think of, and thats going to be along time coming, in pubs - where as in organized teams, it’ll catch on quite quickly when people figure out the best ways to do it.


against a good monster yes, camping usually gives a free S3.
But it all depends on:

  • the map.
  • the monster you’re fighting.
  • how far into the game you are.
  • Wich buff it is.

some people think of 50% CDR as being in the same category as +35%, -35% and health regen.
i dont personally think of it that way.

  • T1, Albino tyrant, sloth, armadon.
  • T2, Albino mammoth bird, strider, venom hound, steamaddon.
  • T3, all the rest.

the only problem i have with any of the buffs, is that T1 spawns right off the bat. id rather them spawn 3-5 minutes into any game on any map, with a clear appearance through a giant howl or something of the sort, signaling their arrival on the map.

but when it comes to the whole idea of denying buffs, both sides can effectively deny the other a buff, with the hunters naturally having the harder time doing it - because they cant stomach such large quantities of meat :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t mind so much if a monster does get a big buff from the get go at stage 1, I think that you as a hunter have a fair capability of just avoiding its effects for a while until it runs out.

Still, I think you’ve hit upon the next trapper for Evolve… Cannibal Kevin, who goes around engorging himself on wild raw meat to gain limited “sniff” ability :wink:


Theres no way of not agreeing with your post atleast in my opinnion, you can still think about different ways to do denying with them thou.

the 3-5 minute spawn seems like a decent way of doing things, shooting the corpses and making them decay would also be one, all just depends what the Devs are willing to implement.

“Tried to do the buff denying with trapper, it didint work too well the reaver left after it sat still near the corpse for like 20 seconds x/”