Wildlife buff suggestion

I’ll keep this simple
Monster kills wildlife, monster eats buff, buff disappears for hunters.

Hunters kill wildlife, hunters take buff, buff lays there for monster to grab later.

If all four hunters grab a buff the buff should vanish… Just saying.

Or just take them out because they add nothing but imbalance to the game and skew everything.
#Just sayin


Agreed just remove them now

The hunters should be able to shoot the corpse appart so it decays faster.

Or vote to disable buffs just like they use to be able to skip maps. The monster would not get a vote, for obvious reasons.

Oh you want hunters to be able to remove a buff by just pressing E?

Then make it so that monsters can pick up the buff with E as well.

Seriously, the amount of times my buff got denied from across the map.

IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, no. Leave it as is. Or just remove buffs. I hate having to rush for buffs on either side of the game.