Wildlife Buff Icons missing when playing as Monster?


Hey guys, I don’t know if its intented or a bug, but I cant see wildlife icons over albinos when im a level 1 or 2 monster…strangely I can defintly see them when im level 3. Its very annoying and makes the game very random…and yes, I do have the map closed. They also dont show up even if I dont have eaten any buff before. I just happen to eat wildlife when im completely sure they didnt have a icon above their head (map closed) and boom, I have a buff…which especially sucks when I already had a buff i wanted to keep and lose it to 1 I dont need. This doesnt only affect living wildlife but also corpses that havent rotten yet. I would be really glad if I could get some clarification on that, because im also playing on pretty low settings on pc which makes it actually hard to recognize if wildlife is albino or not.


I’ve had that issue once or twice pre 2.0 patch on PC. It might actually be a cpu load issue if you have to play the game at low settings. If it’s a constant issue until stage 3 you might as well switch the thread to the Bug section so the qa guys can have a look at it.


I’ve noticed this mostly with the smaller animals. The albino Tyrant, Megamouth… etc, have so far always had a buff icon, but sometimes I’ll be eating a mammoth bird and… hey, you got a perk!

Pretty sure it’s a bug atm. I still see the icons MOST of the time, and it doesn’t happen every game.


Icons do not show up automatically for monster, just run your reticle over a creature and it will either show the buff icon or it won’t depending on Albinism or a lack thereof. As for the not showing up until you eat it, I’m not too keen on, as it usually says what it is in text rather than showing an icon


yeah its a bit buggy.

but u should be able to tell if its albino or not from like 50 meters if u just look at the colour


Ok ty for answers so far…moved it to Bugs…but really, its kind of a big issue for the monster…hope the devs will look into it. It also appears only when playing monster, never had ANY issues with buff icons over wildlife as hunter, neither with small nor big ones. Maybe it has something to do with playing on lower resolutions?

And for the reticle thingy: It wont show the icon no matter what on level 1 or 2 for me, while I can easily see them on every wildlife on lvl 3…strange stuff rly.


They also don’t appear if your map is up.


As I already wrote, I had/have the map closed and they still didnt appear.