Wildlife and Fauna


Out of all the things that are new to Evolve, whether it’s the planet scanner, dome functions, monster changes…

The thing I dislike the most, is the wildlife changes. The animals in this game are pathetic, now. One hit from basically any monster kills things in one hit. Even the animals that used to wreck a stage 1 are basically no threat anymore. And hunters can simply walk right by everything. I feel that the game has lost a huge amount of its charisma as a mixed-survival game.

With Tyrants currently not in the game, water is a complete safe haven for hunters to run through. I don’t think I’ve even been hit by a Mammoth Bird as either hunter nor monster. Which, they do good amounts of damage. If you didn’t face them properly or quickly, before, you’d be penalized.

Megamouth toads are positioned way too plainly. Far too easy to avoid. I fell prey to one on my first game back, but that is purely because I forgot they existed. I would love to see more of them scattered around and hidden against walls, where hunters are more apt to travel along.

As a monster, you can strafe around Nomads and Sloths without being touched… which is just kind of sad. Before, you had to decide whether it was worth the time and armor to take it down and get the meat. You could also set your path through a larger beast so that the hunters would run into them and slow them down, but that is much harder to do with the planet scanner.

I’ve always seen the game as a rock-paper-scissors variant… The monster beats the wildlife, the wildlife beats the hunters, and the hunters beat the monster. But I feel this theme has really… devolved. I miss the semi-horror game for hunters, and I miss the challenge of hunting for the monsters.

In short, I wish:
-there was more wildlife (in abundance and variety)
-wildlife was more aggressive/improved AI
-there were more things that go bump in the night (things like man-eating plants and Megamouths, or Tyrants trying to death roll you)
-that the world was overall just way, way more dangerous. The most fun I had when I started playing, was trying to not die to the wildlife.


this is exactly why they were taken out


I feel like you quoted too much for a vague reply, and am not entirely sure what you’re trying to say?


No one likes straight up losing a game because a stray nomad comes in and creates another hazard for half the dome


There were lots of games in the past that were ended simply because of wildlife. A group of Mammoth Birds can outright kill a Monster that has 2-3 bars of health if they’re not careful. A Tyrant can do a lot more than that, same as Nomads could. I have seen matches end because someone ran into a Megamouth, and won a few because of Reavers and plants.

These creatures have been toned down in the past because of their ability to strongly affect the game in negative ways. Sure, they add something to the hunt, and I always enjoyed playing Monster and leading Hunters into Blitzleopards or Venom Hounds to score some free damage, but it’s really not a fun thing to have to deal with on the receiving end.


Welp, it was my favorite part of the game. It was advertised as a dangerous world, and if hunters made mistakes, they were punished for it. And the monster had to make good decisions. I’ve lost games by messing up plenty of times, but it just made you think more for the next ones. It wasn’t just a “monster go eat, hunters go shoot” game. And was the best feature, imo.

But if the majority didn’t like it, then I guess that’s pretty moot.


I think it would be a good game option to have, like a preference to the danger level of the wildlife. maybe get a bonus for more dangerous environments? Hazard pay?


He means TRS removed “randomness” in the game , by lowering the aggressiveness , and health pool of wildlifes.

Its like putting you in an arena with your opponent where theres nothing but two of you only, compared to placing both of you in a dense jungle with snakes and lions.
You have the chance of wining the fight without even fighting your opponent because he has been eaten by the lion . :sweat_smile: