Wild animals and tracking


Im the type of guy that enjoys the actual hunt over the killing in some cases however I like to hunt using my ability to see what type of destruction the monster has created (broken trees for example) or by hearing animals screams when the monster is near them.

Unfortunately the latter and even the former method of tracking does not really apply nor work at all currently in the game.

Animals scream constantly at random crap (and at the monster) and are often far more misleading then helpful or useful in hunting down the monster. Certain debris is always broken around map areas so I cant even reliably trust what I see.

In the end the hunting comes down to birds, tracks or a random spot followed by making the monsters aura visible or by having him tracked. In my opinion this is boring and it doesnt use the hunters intelligence and ability to look around the map nor their ability to listen to any significant effect and I think thats a wasted opportunity especially considering how much monsters love sneaking around.

The hunt would be far more interesting if you could use your brain instead of developer given hints (Birds and footprints) to track the monster. Or maybe its just me?

Any thoughts?


The spotters are fairly reliable, I haven’t seen them be set off by aggressive wildlife (unlike the marsh strides who do make sounds but get attacked by reavers a bit). Steamadons will tell you if the monster is near, but as this is more noticeable as a visual effect you generally know where he is by this point anyway

Apparently if the monster is sniffing you can hear him, which is useful for sneaking monsters. And you can hear the monster moving even if he is stealthed, it’d just harder to pinpoint his location.

Also when the monster evolves there’s a noticeable sound difference depending on which way you are facing, you can use this to get the general direction he is in


All points you stated are infact valid except the steamadons (They scream like rabid dogs almost always for some reason) But im not saying the current mechanics are bad (In fact they are good but there isn’t enough sometimes to go by) what I AM saying is that just because the monster is capable of playing smart and sneak around hidden without leaving too many audible nor visual clues.

The hunters should also be capable of playing smart as well and use the enviroment as a method of tracking.
The main reason for this is because sometimes the monster just controls pacing far too much.

This also in my opinion gives added depth to the gameplay which is always a good thing.


Maybe a hardcore mode will be a thing one day, where hunters have to look and listen more closely. I too found it strange at the beginning, that you get so many hints and notifications, on the other hand they’re really necessary or you’re absolutely lost…


I disagree. I’ve often been led to the monster by following the sounds of agitated wildlife or by paying attention to the destruction of the environment. Neither is 100% accurate, but it shouldn’t be. That doesn’t mean those signs are not useful.


This. If you see a tree that’s been snapped, it’s been snapped by the Monster. If you hear any wildlife making panicked sounds, it’s because the Monster is there. And when a pack of Reavers run straight past you, not even attacking… Get ready. It’s coming.

Besides, the f*ck else would scare them like that? Tyrants just swim around all day, Crowbills only kill them if they run right up to it (which they only do if the Monster spooked them) and Megamouths are rocks.

I actuallyhad one epic game where we were tracking a Stage 3, going where it most likely would be but being careful, because it had ambushed us before. We round the corner, and a Crowbill charges me. SO I jetpack dodge and turn to kill it but it just ran right past us all. Three seconds later, the Monster leap smashed us.

Frickin scary, man.