Wierd Color Glitch


The first thing that my teammates thought was that my tv or cords were screwed up so immediately, I took multiple screenshots. I verified immediately that that wasn’t the case… Anyways super weird color glitch.

I have more screenshots and a video.

Notice in the picture that the health meter, jetpack meter, weapons indicator, hunters indicator, and buff are all normal color. It was just the environment that was odd colored. I verified this in the PS menu as well. It returned to normal once the match concluded and my teammates had no color issues. I haven’t seen that glitch before or since but again I do have more pics as well as a video.


Damn, Sunny looks better in green than in yellow…




This almost doesn’t look like a glitch to me…when you say “your teammates thought” that tells me they saw exactly what you did so it’s not something fritzy on your end…and the color is too rich and perfect to really be a glitch. Hmm, curiouser and curiouser! I do like the greens!


Purple foot prints looks nice.


Half-life 3 Confirmed. Will include full-body hunter skins.


I want to change my amour and lights to purple now. ^.^

You’d let me do that, right Sledge? :smile:


That would be sweet!


To Sledgpainter - No… Read a little more carefully sir. My teammates thought that ‘my tv or cords were messed up.’ They saw everything as normal and were quite surprised to see the screenshots