WiBaKi why you do this?


@WiBaKi I gave my best and even went full out Lazarus on you for 1 minute straight yesterday in DirtyBomb and don’t even get one ammopack in return after spamming the ammunition request like crazy? That really hurts man, I expected more :cry:

Show some commitment to your support skills man, like this guy for example:


@WiBaKi You should be ashamed of yourself. You are what’s wrong with the Evolve community. :stuck_out_tongue:


Battlefield <3


just wibaki things


Wait what?I only played Dirtybomb with Rikku-Moiser-Cyril.


Just had you and Cyril in my team on one of the servers yesterday and I expected great things from you! But instead… you let me down… and let me die of ammunition starvation…


Dude nobody ever gives ammo in Dirty Bomb like ever.


Ah it was my first time playing.It was all about the xXxMlgNoscope420blazegetrektxXx


Wibaki plz…