Why you gotta block me


Im just voicing my opinion please stop blocking my threads, fix your game and stop worrying about me on ya forums


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you seem to be that way, the way u responded sir.


Voicing your opinion doesn’t consist of crap like

Flip flop flip flop your game is looking like a dead fish out of water. FLOP.

You are just instigating and acting like a child.


Yes it does? That’s still an opinion. Well if they fix their game I wont be here having every hating on me because i’am right. Just saying sport.



Everyone on this forum shows kindness and support towards the game and each other,
You can’t just come on this forum and bash Turtle Rock and justify it by saying “I’m just voicing my opinion”,



Maggot \m/


if your bashing someone your normally voicing your opinion.


Look, everyone can have an opinion, but if you are aggressive about it or try to start fights that is not alright. The last thread was closed because people were getting worked up.

Basically, keep things civilized, and there will be no problems. As was said in the other thread, feedback and discussion are always welcome.

Since this thread is redundant to the last one you made, and people are generally being negative, I will close it. You are free to join in other discussions - whatever your opinion is, just be courteous about it, and things will be fine.