Why you do dis?


Why is everyone complaining today about the patch today??


With all the threads already popping up…


Because theres new stuff to complain about ^.^


Happens every time TRS releases something new. This will probably go on for about three days to a week, then they will all almost immediately die off. It’s weird, really.


Someone seems stressed already lol


People are still mad the Kraken hasn’t been fixed (even though people blow his bugs way out of proportion). Really don’t see much else outside of the Class CDR bug when combined with reload speed. People think they know how to balance better than TRS, heh, and that them complaining about it with their superior knowledge on balance will get things fixed. TRS has already commented on the bugs and has said that they should be fixed on PC with the next micro patch.


It seems to be really rough on you today…
here (> * - *)> :cookie:


“eye of the tiger”?



Is normal, everytime a patch comes in ,all hell breaks, it becomes a nightmare for leaders, mods and most specially, for devs, so good luck, for all of you lol


I don’t know, the forums are in mayhem right now. This is ridiculous that the community has come to this nonsense.


I have never seen so many people whine and complain as I have on these forums. TRS could literally put patch notes saying “Monster traversal reduced by 50%” and not even implement the change, and everyone would hop on the forums to complain about how they couldn’t escape the hunters in the previous match due to this change (despite nothing having actually changed). I’m pretty sure 90% of the complaint threads created are just butthurt players who lost their last match due to being outplayed by the hunters or monster.

Honestly, I think they have done a great job on this game, and I will continue to support them as a studio. They keep us updated and are constantly fixing and balancing the game. At least they are actively trying to get feedback and fix any problems the game has, I give them credit for that.


They are an example of what a videogame dev should be.


I’ll take all the OP/UP threads if it means people are playing and I can find games.


But since we can’t it makes me wonder…


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