Why you can use pistol while you are down?


it doesnt do any reliable dmg so i dont believe that someone ever killed a monster with pistol-dmg and you cant free pounced hunters.
i saw situations where a pounced hunter could do enough dmg to win a fight or where a few seconds left to get back the dropship.
so why this function even exist if its totally useless?
it would bring more suspense if shooting while being down would do anything special to the gameplay


Cockroach achievement and the twenty thousand people who got it say hi.

It actually does do some nice damage. You can really chip away at the health, and in this game, every sliver of damage counts.


I am a cockroach


oh cool, i didnt notice the dmg is really that good.


Twitch twitch

I really hope you were tired while you wrote that, Midnight! There is something devastatingly wrong in that sentence and it’s bugging the crap out of me!

Unless you’re doing it on purpose… You are! Aren’t you?! O.o

Full on pistol spam has won us a few games, actually! We’ve even had times where it’s 1 dead, 2 down and 1 being pounced with so little HP on the Monster left we managed to kill the Monster before the Pounced Hunter kicked it! Those are some nail-biting games, everyone in chat screaming, pistols firing rapidly, the Pouncee crying for his mother…

Good times!


No. What’s wrong with it? Tries to conceal immense pain at having made an error.


Nothing, I must have been seeing things! I see nothing wrong, looking back at it :wink:

It’s ok though, my best friend is the kind who mixes up “There” “Their” and “They’re” ALL the freakin’ time… THAT’S the one that’ll really flip a keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:


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I think you actually still have a grammatical error in there


No, I do not. I shorthanded it, but I have no real errors.


Two minor grammatical errors


This is getting intense.


I do not count my shorthand butchering of English to be grammatically incorrect.


So if people who use their/they’re/there wrong in there sentences because it’s shorthand, it’s not grammatically incorrect

Still doesn’t matter to me either way, it’s just amusing


No, that is wrong because it is an incorrect application of a given word or variant of said word. If there was an error, point it out in my post please.


Alright tomorrow I will post video how how wrong you are sir, i just had a match where I was assault and went down, the behemoth pounced our sunny who was the last one alive, he had a bar and a half of health left. Sunnys drone kept her alive just long enough for me to unload 3 or so clips into monster and killed it. Never again will I take those pistols for granted


Well the first one is that it should be ‘The Cockroach achievement’

Second one is much harder to notice


As I said, shorthand. I’m not going to type all that out on mobile. One of my students will break something if I leave them unattended for that long. And by “something” I mean a bone or two.

Point out the second.


But that’s no fun, I want to see if anyone else notices it first


I know I neglected proper quotation marks and eloquent punctuation through dashes and commas, but as I said, shorthand. Doesn’t count.