Why wraith isn't fun to play against


A lot of people say wraith is op which I only believe to be half true because the only difference between wraith and her fellow monsters is the hunt. While I may not agree with the power wraith’s abilities I’ve come to accept them but what I can’t accept is when a wraith can run from you all game and kite in a dome and not get hurt. I have domed stage one wraiths tons of times but never got any damage on it cause it just decoys and warps. It’s crazy a monster can avoid a fight in a dome! The fact it can warp into the air avoiding all traps mines sentries grenades etc. doesn’t help ethier. The hunt for the monster in the beginning of the game is what gives the hunters their edge. When you take that away with a super elusive monster the game isn’t just unfair but also not fun.


Devs are already checking that out, confirm by macman, they are not gonna nerf him but they will make some changes with the dome and her decoy, like you said, they also don’t like the idea of spamming decoy on a dome and warp without getting any damage.



Well you can claim the Wraith is OP or not and that is has this flaw or it doesn’t but the bottom line is that it is just not fun to play against.

Now if I were a developer and I had a massive amount of people claiming something was not fun in my game I would change it or delete it.

Sure you can justify it all day long but it is not going to change the fact that a very large part of the community simply would rather do something else then play against the Wraith because it is annoying in so many regards.

Even some slight tweaks to “balance” it probably is not going to make it any more enjoyable for us to go against.

You can claim that we should “use tactics” to beat it and that is fine and will probably work but it does not mean that it is fun and frankly, we play this game for fun, not to be frustrated.


Oh look it’s a wraith fanboy


It’s not so much being a fanboy for wraith as this thread having been made multiple times


I don’t really agree. I agree the hunt becomes boring but I have no idea how to fix it, if a wraith can’t avoid damage in a dome it would die flat out.

It’s too weak to face damage without avoidance.


Eh, since I like Wraith a lot, I just don’t be the monster all the time.


Wow fanboy how original. Nope I agree it needs some nerfs but use the other 100 whining threads.


Wraith is meant to be an assassin, is it not? How about instead of avoiding damage in the dome, the wraith avoids the dome to begin with? Or if it does get caught it should be trying to drop the trapper right away so it can escape, that might actually be fun.

But instead with the magic decoy button it can just do whatever it wants. It can run around in the dome and never get hit.


If you agree then why show any negativity like that? And if you’re tired of these treads stop reading them.


Standard “git gud” reply… LOL

Anyway, Bucket here reporting for duty. Here’s my SOP (standard operating procedure) for the sneaking bitch;

Dome goes up… my head comes off. Find the beast, mark it, start putting down turrets. Engage the Wraith now that the team can follower her. When trapper says “dome coming down”… Head comes off, mark the beast once more to continue the chase.

I used to hate the Wraith but, as a hunter, I have “evolved”. Methinks over time it will become much easier for (good teams) to deal with her.

I think her movement issues are more important (too hard to keep up)… and maybe having decoy do a little less damage, but otherwise? She don’t bother me much anymore.


This ^.

Good teams can beat the wraith, at first it’s difficult as you have to tackle it a little differently to goliath or kraken but they’re absolutely beatable with the right team and co-ordination. I think it’s far too early to be saying what’s overpowered and what isn’t.

Hyde can be pretty effective against Wraith due to a) his flamethrower making the wraith visible even after a decoy (think flame breath vs Lazarus) and b) his toxic grenades can really hinder his movement.

Abe can pretty much track the wraith relentlessly after that first dart hits.

Bucket and Cabot have good tracking support functions.

Val’s medigun slows the wraith down enough to give the trapper that extra second to get a battle dome off.

There’s plenty of options to take down a wraith, they’re pretty squishy once you get them stuck in a good dome.


Hunting the wraith to me is fun and exciting. I play on XB1 and currently don’t have her unlocked as of yet but when she comes up I get pumped. It’s either going to end in bloody horror fast or its going to be grind to bring her down. I’ve had both success and failure with her in the wild. Two major factors to win as the hunters is communication and if you mesh well with your hunter team. In my experience Val and Maggie are the keys against the wraith for success. Val for tranquilizer and Maggie for her harpoon’s. I nearly took out a stage two wraith alone but was so involved on survival I for got to recordy effort lol. I would like not to see a adjustment for her for the time being. I feel it depends what group you end up with and if they can play their role’s well.


I really like this idea from a Reddit user.


It sounds like to me and I could be wrong so don’t hang for the comment ( my tone is completely friendly when I type this ) but it seems you want this to be easy and fun and that is not fun at all to me. People complain it’s too hard to fight and needs to be nerfed. I don’t feel like that at all. I enjoy a good challenge and if tactics are an issue then where is the sence of discovery for victory? I killed a stage three wraith as the last hunter standing as a trapper and I was Maggie. That was the work of awesome team work and respecting the fact you can’t head rush her. Tactics earned my achievement El Monster mano ( I could have misquoted the name of the achievement but that’s pretty close ) , everyone on our team went bonkers for victory and it felt awesome for all of us except the wraith because that player thought he or she had victory in the bag lol. If easy and fun is enjoyable to that’s cool but that’s not for the whole community. That gets boring quick but then again you feel like that now with part of the community as well. Play hard but more importantly play smart.


I actually enjoy hunting a Wraith, especially an experienced one. I enjoy being tricked by the decoy, I enjoy trying to cut it off and figure out where it’s going, and I enjoy having this cat and mouse fight in the dome. What I don’t like is the hunters who don’t know how to fight against her and won’t listen when you try to help them.


“oh look it’s that guy who posts that picture again”

Maybe it’s time you acknowledged that there are a lot of people who see the problem with wraith and want to voice their concern… NOT in a response to an already overblown thread.

His point is still valid. The more posts appear, the more the devs will notice. Plain and simple.


I approve this message. Hunt smart , play hard.