Why woul you even play Cabot atm hunters?


This character is a joke…
The damage amp AND the railgun are beyond everything I could have seen in this game until now on the OP topic…
Wraith is underP compared to this. And Abe’s darts also.
Why would you even pick a cheated character like this?


Why would you remake this thread?..

@SledgePainter Leap smash this real quick.


It got flagged for no reason that’s why…


D: Is there ANY way to get rid of this guy?


Are you mad Phil?


The reason is it serves no purpose. It is you complaining. Please stop doing this.


I can see where you’re coming from on the flag, and I did notice and questioned why it got flagged. But that is still no reason to dupe the entire thread e_e

It just causes confusion and makes people think bad of you.


I feel you made the point you wanted to make last time you made this topic.


Look at all the feed I get !!!

Look at you guys…


To late to change that right? Consider it a study for my paper… This forum is full of fake people. It says something. My thesis is on the good way I’m telling you :stuck_out_tongue:


Fake people? You’re coming off as something odd my friend.


I’m pure Vex…


You already have posted this thread. Stop irritating the forum. I know you’re a self-appointed troll but even so, please tone it down some. It’s very tense in here right now and people can get rubbed the wrong way very quickly. I know you’re just out to have a little fun and don’t mean any harm by this, but I’m asking that you please stop now. You can continue your discussion about Cabot etc. over in your former thread.