Why won't it let me customize?


I bought the season pass that comes with all three magma skins but when I play I can’t customize my monster. Anyone know What’s going on?


When you customize you click the customize button and then the arrows you formerly clicked on to select the monster, which now will cycle through the skins you have. If you have already tried this and it doesn’t work, let us know. There seems to be an issue some are having with the customize button being unclickable or grayed out.


@Sledge: is it correct that US PSN purchases don’t work cross region?


I honestly don’t know the answer to this question.


It doesn’t even allow me to highlight the customize button. I am on Xbox One btw


Then this definitely is a bug. I would contact 2k and confirm with them this issue. Others are having it as well and you should have proof from your purchase that you are owned the skins. Be sure to inform them of this.


I have not had a lot of luck with 2K, thats why I ended up in this forum.


He MUST get an answer at some point. He paid for it, he has proof he paid, so he should get what he paid for. And people HAVE been getting some help from 2K, they are just working through all the emails…things take time. I know patches are coming so hopefully a lot of the bugs will get fixed.