Why what did i do [Matchmaking level matching woes]


Why does this game pair me with level 10 hunter and when im monstar you make me fight level 40 elites


Cuz you’re an elite Goliath duh, can’t let you fight newbs, thatd be mean ^.^


I got a fifth loose frome elite hyde caira elite griffin and sunny


No shame in that, Griffin+Sunny is hard to beat, they’re sorta the cheese combo of the hunters right now, like CCMM only a lot harder to counter


But elite hyde shrekt my health


Duh, Hyde shreks all, Hyde is love, Hyde is life


i was right there to killing sunny and cair last to but drone insyant shields them i thought they reduced it start up time


Nope, the Shield is still strong as ever sadly


Im quitting Goliath for kraken for now


Hyde + Cabage + Caira = gg no re bby golly @Quirkly


BLASPHEMY repent your sins


@xKrsKorpion @midnightroses @shin @quirkly i lost tp elite hyde caira elite griffin andd sunny :frowning: :frowning:


No im becoming Le kraken


My child, if you do not do penance, their is nothing the Goliath God can do for you.


Psh no way, Caira is ez kills, if it wasn’t for Sunnys bs drone that IS SHIELDING BEFORE DAMAGE IS APPLIED, they’d be vastly easier to deal with.


But he gave me a lost to a team of 2 elites and ive won against a whole team of elites


He is always testing, my child, you must belive.
-Speaker for Goliath God


No hes a traitor to me


I’m sorry but you need to return the “I <3 Goliath” shirt you purchased


Who changed the name of dis thread