Why were the old character specific leaderboards removed?

Or are they just hidden away somewhere?

I guess it’s nice having the rank leaderboards but they are far less useful than the previous ones.

The character leaderboards are still accessible on the Profile tab. It’s the global leaderboard that isn’t accessible anymore.

I miss going there and sorting by number of deaths to see who has died the most in the past week. :val:


Hmm, I just looked but I guess I missed them somehow. I only saw Hunt leaderboards.

I miss the global :frowning:

When you click profile for the first time there will be colored banners in a row across the screen: Global, Monster, Assault, Trapper, Medic, Support. Click on each class banner to access the global rankings for each character. That is how it is on PC anyway. If you click on the Global banner it shows your 3 most played characters one at a time and overall stats such as total wins and w/l ratio in PvP matches. :grinning:

If you click on the other tabs such as accolades, badges, or hunt leaderboards then the banners go away until you click the profile tab again.

Me. Always me.