Why we need new matchmaking soon

Now I know this is being worked on, but suggestions fits this one best.
I feel like at this point, arcade is truly an arcade mode now.
It’s fun, it has mixed modes and you can switch and swap between monster and Hunter queue fast.
But, the addition of arena has had a very split reception as I’ve seen both in game and on the forums ( even calls for it to be removed).
But all this hate of different modes could be fixed through hunt beta, where the main issue is a lack of players or the worst skill gaps between players in that queue.
I think a matchmaking system in hunt beta would help balance the player base between the modes, giving those who don’t like the gimmicky modes ( which I very much enjoy) a chance to actually play.
A higher population and balanced matchmaker in hunt beta would give this the chance to happen, instead of the current one way stomp that it is now, combined with the queues long enough to feel yourself age.
The will always be some split on players, but now there is a great chance to balance it.


If more people went and played Hunt Beta, instead of going to play Hunt and exacerbating the problem, then the skill based matchmaking would find it much easier to find people that are your skill level.

Players need to solve their own problems on this, new match making won’t change a thing if people continue to play a mode that fundamentally isn’t the mode they actually want to play just to avoid a few newbies.


The current system is not great but even a visible ladder for skill would help in hunt beta as I see a lot of the time its the same good monster players but lots of very new hunters, and down to those two things most good hunters don’t want to go there.
I’m hoping this negative feelings towards arcade will fix this though but I would like the new matchmaker out soon especially for hunt beta

A few noobies? Bro have you even try it? I bet you dont even play the game.

Everytime I go to hunt I end up with 3 noobs. This usually result in bad chats. One has to wait until late hours to actually find really good people. To be fair in arcade is where the talent is. Frequenting that more.

Is that or just go monster and pub stomp all day.

Then either the talent needs to move over to where it “should” be, or people in arcade need to stop trying to make the mode something it’s not. Just because you collectively can’t make hunt beta work, giving up and undermining the mode you really want to play, doesn’t mean Arcade mode should change to suit you.


I think the biggest problem is the majority of new Evolve players don’t want to listen. When they lose badly to a monster or a hunter comp they scream OP and beg TRS for a patch when most of the time they are doing something wrong. A few of said newbs go to the forums for advice. Some get good advice while others merely need to play the game more to get better at dodging ect then they get angry because we told them your not doing anything wrong you just need more practice. In reality they were hoping for a quick fix and they get upset when we tell them the truth.

I am mostly a hunter player. The few times I play as monster, If I crush a team I will tell them what they did wrong so they can get better but 9/10 newbies tell me to STFU.

I had one match where I was Kraken. I destroyed the group without so much as losing more than 1 health bar and I suck with Kraken. At the score screen I told them you need someone on the team to shoot the mines. That makes a world of difference. Most Krakens will launch a mine, charge lightning strike, when your trying to dodge the lightning the mine will hit you and hold you in place. They cut me off in mid sentence and I told them to figure it out themselves. One guy even said “They don’t speak for all of us, I want to hear the rest of this” lol


It’s a problem with many players in almost any multiplayer game. There’s a reality that for many they just want to kind of run and gun and that’s how they get their fun. On one hand TRS could do more to facilitate this in the game, on the other there is the argument that this means that Evolve MUST be a niche game and these players moving on is a natural thing that is ok for what the game is.

I think there’s a whole discussion that could be had on this

  1. What can the game do post-match to assume and present ideas to new players for them to try next time?
  2. What can the game do to make pub stomping less brutal?
  3. What could be done to help new players who want to learn (but don’t want to be preached at the moment the game has ended, it’s understandable emotions could be high), to get some feedback on their performance… without inviting toxic commentary?

People on these forums have an unhealthy obsession with gating content behind play hours, or requirements on tutorials, and the reality is that few new players want to go through that kind of hoop jumping. They want to play, and they want to learn to play by playing. Evolve is an unfriendly game (still) in helping players understand what has happened to them during their game so that they can learn on the spot about bad choices.

But ultimately while most players are new, and semi-veteran and veteran players continue to act entitled to having a perfect game all the time (not saying anyone here is, it’s a general statement), the situation is not going to improve. At some point long standing players of this game need to suck it up and understand that we are the minority, new players are the majority, and rather than sitting there thinking about how new players are ruining your fun, you need to sit there and think about how you could do more to help their fun.

Without the newer players investing enough time that they become long term regular players, we will continue to survive off of super casual players, and complete newbies. We can act like matchmaking is the problem, but it’s not. The “problem” here is that there is no slot for veteran/high skill players in a match making system that is utterly swamped by low skill/new players. This won’t change easily or quickly.


I get this a lot and I just tell them “you know what I’m trying to help, next time I’ll not go easy on you”.
I will give advice a lot but some people seem to take it as a personal insult rather than friendly tips.
Hell one time I had a full Hunter team all less than 1 hour played and I’m at 300. So I asked them if they wanted to get some tips and practice rather than me just go all try hard.
The names they called me got a response in actions rather than words and 2 minutes later it was over.

I absolutely agree. I have worked hard, losing most matches at first just to get some skill. Mostly playing with other players who also weren’t really good. Now, unless I can find people who are good and only play with them, I lose EVERY game because of a new player, or two, or three who have NO CLUE what they’re doing.

I’m glad there is suddenly so many new people playing…but SERIOUSLY? Why am I playing with them NOW? After all my hard work to stop losing!!!

Sooooo getting paired with people from 0 to 50 hours of gameplay isn’t a problem of matchmaking.




Hours means experience. Which is even more important than personal skill…more than you think.

To match you (in hunt beta) the system has to find 3 other hunters that are

  1. In your geographical location
  2. Around your skill level
  3. Have compatible preferences
  4. Aren’t already in a lobby/game
  5. Actually playing Hunt Beta

And then based on the average skill of those hunters find a monster that is

  1. In you geographical location
  2. Around the average skill level
  3. Not already in a lobby or a game
  4. Playing hunt beta.

So no, it’s not actually necessarily a problem with match making that you get paired with people that have 0-50 hours of gameplay, and I would suggest it is likely that even if you matched based on hours played (or account level) rather than “skill” you’d still have unfavourable match ups. Most people playing are newer players, most people are going to be outside your desired true skill bracket and hours played experience.

This is a reality that too few veterans are willing to accept, they keep blaming “the match making system” yet the reality is that its use of its own algorithms pairing you up with poor match ups is likely to only be in small part due to the system, and due in a large part to the demographics playing at any specific moment in time.

The truth is that if we had more people playing at any one time match making would instantly become much more reliable and “accurate”, but Vets have chosen to abandon Hunt Beta and so it is no surprise whatsoever that it’s hard to find fellow skilled/experienced people to match with when you have collectively moved from that mode.

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