Why we need a ranked mode right now


Because there is no way to properly balance the game at the moment. The telemetry data shows us good players as well as the kind of player who plays with his steering wheel ( i know youre out there).

Everyday there are new selfproclaimed evolve gurus which seem to know it all. We really need some solid leaderboards right now so that telemtry which is actually worth something is created.


If we get a ranked mode, we still can’t get any better at balance because as long as matchmaking is based on RNG and an arbitrary number (player level).

What we need first (or at the same time, I guess) is a decent matchmaking. One that looks at the skill of people to match similar skilled players together. Only then can a leaderboard represent how good a player actually is, instead of how lucky the player is getting matched against potatos or with actual good players.


Ranked mode could sort out matchmaking if it works like it does in Halo or other games. If you win games, you rank up, if you lose or quite, you go down. The higher the rank, the more games are necessary to rank up. Bam, fixed.


But the problem is that matchmaking ignores all that data and only looks at player level (you know, that number that slowly increases after every match regardless of your skill)

So without an update to matchmaking, ranked mode will sort out nothing.


that is what ranked mode is about, letting players of equal skill play against another while minimizing rng and make playerskill the deciding factor


I agree, I’m just saying that the current matchmaking isn’t fit for “letting players of equal skill play against another” because matchmaking does nothing to check skill, therefore it doesn’t know which players are equal skill.


that is true it only looks at the player lvl and preferences i believe ?

i am under the impression a skill based matchmaking is always mandatory with a ranked mode


It only looks at the player level and that’s it.

I am under the impression that a skill based matchmaking is always mandatory. TRS clearly is not.


i think there was a dev-post a few days ago explaining that it looks at w-l ratio as well.

but whatever matchmaking they use, as long as it doesn’t take into account the role you’re assigned, it’s going to have troubles. e.g. i am an average hunter player with slightly under 50% win, but bad as monster with only 10-20% win. if i get put into a lobby based on my hunter skill and then get assigned as monster i’m going to get destroyed, unless i get lucky.

so with a new matchmaking based on rank there has to be a proper queuing system that can determine the assigned role before putting you in a lobby.

One more thing: whenever i read someone proudly saying “i haven’t lost a game” or something like that, i read that as “matchmaking only puts me against enemies that are worse than me, potentially ruining their fun.” in an ideal world everyone should end up at 50% win-loss with only their rating to represent e-peen.


People only bragged about undefeated streaks because you used to be able to leave a game you were about to lose and nothing happens to your W/L.

Since the patch I think you’ll see a lot less of this, the top Kraken in my region for example had 0 losses pre patch, by yesterday afternoon he had 4.


Like Awesomenauts :stuck_out_tongue:
In my opinion the ranked mode should distinguish between monster queue and hunter queue. The lvl of the player doesn’t say anything about his skill as you said.


Maybe that post was there, but if anything it’s false.

If matchmaking looks at win/loss ratio, how come that I got matched with King (you know, the guy who left to have 0 losses) on multiple occasions?
I’m far from a great player as well, so I doubt I’d be the best match for him available.

Aside from that, matchmaking takes 10 seconds. That’s not nearly enough to look at anything.


probably because there weren’t many people in your or his range searching for players at that moment. that’s a problem you get, when your playerbase is small.

the system tries to find the best match possible, but if it can’t find one it puts you with whatever is available.

not trying to defend the matchmaking system. it definitely need to be redone and it seldom really finds a good match. just trying to repeat what i read in other threads, to give more insight into how it currently is.


I still don’t believe it can check and compare anything in the 10 seconds it takes to find a lobby. Even huge games like LoL take a longer time to try and find a better match.
Even if it does, it should never match me with someone far outside of my skill level (in this case, w/l ratio) and it does.

It’s broken either way. I’m willing to bet that if it currently looks at w/l they might as well remove that and the resulting matches will be the exact same ones.


In other games it needs to look for more players on both sides. There is also a lot more players searching for matches in those games, opening up for the possibility to narrow the search window, which I’m sure is very usual. TRS took a lazy MM system and smacked it onto their awesome game, but it’s not THAT lazy. And they definitely wouldn’t lie about it.

Also, evolve is a team game when it comes to the hunters. Queueing solo, regardless of how good you are, will never guarantee you win, because you are so dependant on your team. So keep in mind that you might be put into the same party as the ace player of a losing team, or a retard player from a winning team, skewing your view on their W/L ratio.

That being said though, I can’t wait for a persistent and fleshed-out ranking system. The community needs it, TRS needs it, and Evolve definitely needs it. Without it, the current drop of commited players will keep on going.


In order to get better games you guys could make a gb team and play matches. Regular matchmaking in games is usually not perfect for finding the best competition.


The ranked matchmaker will include a queue system to put you into the position you actually want to play as. Not sure though if it will only differentiate between queueing as Hunter and Monster or specific Hunter roles as well, which would be the more appropriate system.
The system is in the works, and if it’s done it will most likely be used partly for the non ranked queues as well to spice them up a bit. Just gonna have to wait until the system is done. Macman already stated several times on the forums that info regarding those systems will be available as soon as it’s done.


I’m not expecting to win every match, regardless of what I play or who I play with (solo or premade). If I would win every match, matchmaking would be bad (or balance would be bad).


We need a ranked mode because I’m fed up of the trapper thinking he can solo with a harpoon gun


I meant that even if you feel like you’re not on the same skill level as the people youre going up against, it’s still based on W/L ratio, since those people were in teams, in a very team-based game. They could have lost a lot even if they were pros.