Why we cant play Behemoth?


Hi turtle rock i wanna ask why we cant or i cant buy the behemot.
only that , oh and the new evolve is AMAZING! now is a free to play. very nice turtle rock
And srry for the bad English if i wrote bad because im from Argentina :S

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He was causing technical issues when purchased. He’ll return once TRS works it out; they want S2 to be as polished as possible, so the major bugs associated with buying him aren’t something they want players to deal with.


o thanks you so much!


First off…

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As stated above, Behemoth is still undergoing “maintenance” so he’s locked for people who have not purchased him before the release of Evolve: Stage 2. So some individuals have him and you might still see him on the battlefield!

I’ll close this Topic now that your questions was answered, but PM me if you need it re-opened for whatever reason!

Thank you for giving Evolve: Stage 2 a chance, and I’m so glad you’re loving it! :heart:

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