Why we can't have nice things


“The new hunter isn’t unique. They play just like an old hunter!”
“Kala isn’t viable because she is too situational. Make her more like Hank”.

“I hate waiting 15 minutes for a match at gold destroyer tier. Fix matchmaking!”
“I got paired with noobs. I only want to be matched with players on my level. Fix matchmaking!”

“More maps. More maps. More maps.”
“The new maps are different, and I don’t like them.”

“Give us more keys and xp!”
“You gave us too much keys and xp! Now my grinding means nothing … NOTHING!!!”

“Ranked needs to be reset because its full of hackers.”
“Hey you reset ranked. WTF? I worked hard for my rank!”

I could go on, but you get the idea.



“it´s just a beta”


Congrats you realized people have different opinions and they are not a single minded mass of meat
I hope this revelation changes your life positively


Preach my friend, preach!!


“Omg I would kill for a story mode or campaign in this game!”


“(Variant) is OP/UP” (few hours/days after release)

“X character beat me, nerf X”


Although it seems like this thread is making fun of people who don’t understand how/why things balanced the way they are, I think a “new player” section should be added so new players have a place to easily find answers to questions like “nerf/buff X”, “more maps”, “fix matchmaking”, etc.

This way hopefully new players can get answers, without creating new topics, and regular forum users don’t have to roll their eyes with sarcasm and anger.


“Monsters OP, they can Pounce me!”
“Hunters OP, they can dodge my attacks!”


this isn´t a problem you solve. people tend to just ignore existing topics, even pinned, flashing and whatnot to create their own. using the search function is for some people unthinkable. rather have other people listen to the same thing for the tenth time and answer the same question over and over instead of investing 5 minute search yourself.



I have never seen anyone request for Kala to be more like Hank/other Supports.

Both are completely different extremes. Everyone just wants to play a middle ground and instead they were stuck with A) Ranked (which thankfully isn’t there anymore) where they queu for 30 minutes of B) Normal Hunt where they get paired with lil’ shits asking why they need to let Laz do the reviving.

The “new” maps are different in the sense that they’re not at all made in the style that most of us love about the old maps.
Especially since the new ones are unbalanced as fuck.

I’d rather play one of the old, unrevamped maps directly copied from Legacy despite it probably being ridiculously unbalanced in Stage 2, rather than play on a map where I might lose 3-4 armor bars instantly due to RNG meteor spawns.

They should’ve simply went with more keys instead of more exp.
Elite characters already meant jack shit since the introduction of co-op but after the recent x10 exp event, they completely blew their chances of ever falling back on level-based matchmaking if their “skill-based” matchmaking isn’t working correctly.

And let’s be honest, “not working correctly” would be a huge understatement right now.


People seriously cared about their rank?


… I’m just gonna remove this Forum from my favorite websites and wait until this chaotic onslaught of opinions settles down. Cya.


you cant escape the internet friend.


He can escape these forums though…


Best part :smiley:


“They need to balance this game”

“They need to stop balancing this game for high level play! I can’t play like a pro so it ruins the balance for me”

“They balanced this game for casuals. But I got to be a better player. And the balance is crap!”


It wasn’t reset, it was removed and replaced with something far worse.


Who would thought that people would care about rank in ranked, right? A great mystery of our times.


We didn’t get new maps. We got map variants. Fucking huge difference.


And I shed a silent tear.