Why we are not getting a Summoner Monster


Seriously Guys if we had a Summoner life for the hunters would be hell for these reasons
1 if you play Hunth a Second Monster you would be having Hordes of Minions attacking you along with the Goliath while the summoner attacks the Reactor
2 Nest mode could have Summoned minions attacking while Survivor while the Monster attacks the other
3 Summoned Minions could guard a nest while the Monster chips damaged with the Goliath Minion
4 In Defend you would be having 2 Goliath Minions, Summoned Minions and the Monster attacking you at the same time and if the Monster could summon minions infront of a gate slowly the Hunters more and the Monster’s would have destroyed the generator and start attacking the Fuel Loader by the time you made it
I might be over exaggerating but most of these have a point


Spawning other creatures is a pretty popular idea around here. However, I don’t think anyone wants their entire game to be dependent on AI.


So you dont think people are going to make horeds of spawned minions follow them into battle :unamused:


Turtle rock doesn’t like AI abilities.
Decoy was their 1 exception.


well i can understand why
Used a decoy to try distracte the Hunters instead follows me


I actually want a monster like Goliath.Simple,Brute and easy to make.

Yes fancy monster could be good.But i want something to feel as a boss like you do with Goliath.Or even Kraken.

You don’t actually feel like a “boss” when playing Wraith.

Anyway my English are not enough to say exactly what i want but you get my point.I want straight forward simple skills-traversals and brutal force.


they were working on a summoner monster for a long time. During testing they felt like the player wasn’t doing much. The fight was largly out of their hands after they spammed the AI minions. A lot of work for a not so fun play style seems to be the reason they cut it out.


You mean The Host