Why was the skins not put as a part off the game?


Like the titel says. Why was the skins not a part off the actual game? So many people are pissed off about that (not me just saying).
I just want some claification, since i saw a video off TRS specifically saying that “they can’t put in more content or more monsters since they are not finished” Well the skins were in the game to buy on day 1 release.

Im just saying my honest opinion here

If this was 2K or TRS decision, i don’t care. I have seen so much from the developers on both youtube and the press Co-founder is talking about a game they are making.

I realy do trust this people to give me a honest answer on why they did what is done.

I paid my local gamestore for a pre-order, but when i saw the Monster Edition on steam, i said to my self H**l no im going to support this company to the max and tell all my friends to get this awesome experience. Witch i did.
I was pumped about the game when i saw the first trailer of Evolve back in god knows when,

And now when i open the game i don’t really feel that supportish feeling you know.
I do truly love the game. But saying something and doing the opposite with the skins? really? That is what a true Hypocrite does. The word is tabo sorry, but there is no other word to describe it better.
But maybe they decided to make some skins in the shipping month? i don’t know!
If they did all those skins in a month, pump out some more jeess. it’s like geting a jobb, just hand out those CV’s like it’s candy on Hallowen.

So what im saying here is, Why? Why did you saying one thing and do the opposite?

And please keep this to the topic. I don’t want to hear from someone who ““think”” it’s this or that!
And i don’t want to be punked by Hate or fanboys/girls here, just need a honest answer and hope i don’t “NEED” to be a actual press to get som clarification.
Thanks you for your time reading this.

And good hunting!


It’s a common practice. The game is “finished” and shipped several months before the release date. During this time the graphics artists and whoever have nothing to do, so they might work on cosmetic add-ons like skins while waiting for release. The skins can be patched in with the release update.


Most likely to fund the other free content.


It cost money to keep making content after the game has been released. The skins and stuff were probably made after the game went “gold” and was probably part of the agreements that TRS has with 2K games for extra content. I hate that many gamers think that their entertainment products should be free of charge. Lots of people worked hard for several years to bring this to us and so many of us would be so rude as to slap them in face for offering a cosmetic item that cost a few dollars.


the maps are all free, even future dlc ones. they cost money to create and you make no money from free content. they need to make money to make their payroll from somewhere after the initial boost of sales money is gone.


2K decides what is sold. TRS makes the skins, 2K ruins the fun and forces them to make it paid DLC.

Wanna know why their name is 2K? Because 1K wasn’t enough money for them.

Bad jokes are bad and I feel bad.


Jokes aside, people really should realize that 2k is the one who would be pushing for paid dlc, not TRS. TRS are the ones who made sure it was only cosmetics and not anything that affected gameplay, like maps.


All the content they had finished was put in the game! The additional skins you can buy are just cosmetic changes. They don´t change the game mechanics and most of all you don´t really need them… I consider this to be fair!


No, don’t feel bad. That was a good joke, and you are a great champion of the Earth.

OP, as others said, the skins were likely cooked up in the month between going Gold (stopping main development) and launch. As for making more,they’re already hard at work on balancing, bugs, and new characters, maps and game modes. Cut the guys and girls some slack, people. They aren’t machines…I think.

And yes, 2K- the greedy incompetents they are- likely forced TRS to make the skins paid. Because that’s what publishers do.


Off topic I think turtle rock studios feel the same about 2K
During the launch up of the game you see 2K’s logo in the puddle, goliath comes along and stomps that noise Into the dirt and lets Turtle Rocks logo take its place.
Makes me giggle everytime!


TRS probs did it on purpose LOL. You show those fools, TRS!


If everyone had all skins they’d be nothing special. It’s a way to personalize your character.

Also, seeing as this game can be bought once and you never need to buy anything additional, skins might be a way to keep the dedicated servers running without losses. I for one prefer having dedicated servers up thanks to someone buying the skins, even though I don’t like any skins too much at the moment and don’t plan to buy any. With the exception of Daisy red slash pattern skin and Savage Goliath, I prefer the originals much more than store skins.

In addition, I don’t know of any games that you can buy where you get 3-4 skins for each in game character(and rare games have 15 of them) just by buying the game. Either the games is 50€ and has no skins in game or for sale, or it’s F2P or 10€ with skins that sell separately. Evolve offers a combination of these, you get the 50€ game and it includes 2 skins per character(basic and elite) which is more than most other AAA titles offer, while it also offers a lot of additional skins at, lets face it, very low prices. Most F2P and 10€ games sell skins for 5-10€, while Evolve sells them for 2-3€, or cheaper if you buy bundles, which again most other games don’t offer. I just feel like it’s a new combination and people are used to either one or the other, so when they get both combined they’re scared by the unexpected and aren’t sure how to react. And then you get hatred for the game which is completely undeserved.


This i already know, and it was the best reply in the entire post. This reply was not a “i think it is this” deal.
Many thing that has been writen here is allready explained in my post. I need a dev or a person that actually know somthing.

Now im sorry but i can’t find the video Phil himself saying that no more content can be put in the game since it is not finished.

And i just want to thank you all for keeping this post on the topic and not going all crazy on me for bringing this up, one or two post’s was not realy that informative.

This is not a argue post, and honestly i don’t need a giant explanation “Hey we fucked up, okay.” is really enough.

I know the community manager is swiming around somewhere in here! Get on the hock and and write a line or two please.


This was well said.


@DamJess There you go, tagged our community manager to answer your question.


THINGS COST MONEY, people need money to feed there families. what are the devs supposed to work for free?


No. Did i ever say that? pleas quote me on were i said they are going to do content for free in the Evolve lifespam!

You sir wrote before you were thinking. I did not ask for that in my post thank you.