Why was some wildlife scrapped?


Why was some of the wildlife in evolve scrapped? Things like the Titan would've been awesome to see in game. Given that certain aspects would need to be tweaked(like the size of the Titan and it's ability to one shot kill a hunter). Personally, seeing nothing but Reavers and kamikaze Mammoth birds is getting a bit stale. Does anyone else want to see some more wildlife implemented to make hunt a bit more interesting on both ends?


Various reasons.

Some wildlife didn't add anything to the game.
When a creature became too large, it had troubles functioning with the terrain in Evolve.
Some were too similar too already existing wildlife.
Some no longer made sense as the game changed over the years.

All cut wildlife had their individual reasons to never make it into the final game.

Perhaps some day you might see some of them return, but right now they are focused bringing us additional hunters and monsters.

  1. Design
  2. Costs


Because the Mamothbird killed them all


Titan? Where can I find info on this?


It's somewhere in this thread.


Werent fun for hunters is one main reason. Cut other things and so they cut some wildlife. Some were too similar so they were cut. ect.


Is the Titan the one who came out of the ground on ice maps? I thought it was too aimed at single player style.


@fdruid It was scrapped for its size which caused technical problems and because players didn't find it fun.


Yeah, I read that. But I think of it as something that could work better in a single player game. In the end, mechanics-wise it was just equivalent to a very large carnivorous plant.