Why was Jack Buffed?

So when Jack was released, pretty much everyone agreeded that he was very strong, one of the strongest trappers. super effective against wraith, behemmoth and goliath, his repulser was only weak against kraken. Soo, why the hell has he been buffed? his repulser now works effectively against kraken and can push him down to the ground with much less skill required than before. im not moaning about this as i will learn to adapt but this buff just makes no sense at all. The animation for the repulser doesnt even look right anymore, its got the beam and then it bends at the end at a huge angle and just looks retarded as hell. so now that its effective against kraken its now going to be super effective against the other monsters.

i think everyone expeted a nerf to jack, like his sattelite damage which cleary needs to be toned down a bit, i know his pistols were nerfed but they wernt really a major issue.

They nerfed the pistols to make the satellite your MAIN damage output, imo im okay with this as it can be dodged, and the repulsors where decreased in ammo so this might change it a bit.


He was nerfed in some ways and buffed a little in others to balance it out.


Because believe it or not, Jack is pretty balanced. He ever needed that buff.
Just burn your traversal into the field. You might say “Why should I be forced to waste traversal?”, well, because Jack trade the constant CC the other trappers have for a strong burst of CC, so while he is not using the repulsor you are free to jump around to your hearts content, but for the slight moment he got the repulsor on you, burn all you got into it. It’s worth it. That’s my advice to you.


His repulsors were unreliable and therefore needed a buff.

It requires the same skill, only difference between before and now is that now it is it is reliable against Kraken.

It was adjusted to each Monster individually, it may be strong against one Monster and weak against another, or even across the board. They balanced it for every Monster.

Not really, he was and is, pretty balanced.

No it really doesn’t. The damage is completely fine and justified. Anyone who says otherwise can’t dodge effectively.

They do 800 damage flat, it cannot hit multiple times, and it can only be used once every 30 or so seconds. Not to mention it’s extremely easy to dodge. It doesn’t need a nerf, at all.


They nerfed the Repulsor- cut its capacity by 200, which was a sixth of the capacity. That’s a lot.

They made it easier to lock it on, which is good, and less punishing for misfiring, also good. They haven’t really buffed him.

Then they nerfed pistol damage. He’s fine now.


Adjusted is the word your looking for.

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Prettymuch. They made him easier and less punishing when used wrong with the Repulsor tweaks and less devastating when used right.

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Well, at least they did that with one character they nerfed.

I honestly dont get why anyone would want a nerf the the satelite. To the repuler? Sure. But the satelite? With a tracking dart, Gobi or a Sound spike it is pretty easy to keep track of the monster as assault and therefore it is easier to deliver damage. But with the satelite on cooldown you will find yourself in a situation where everyone is like “Where did he go?”. In that time nobody does damage and the satelite makes up for it. Also even as Behemoth it is either easy to dodge or entirely your fault for getting hit.
The 90° buff was nesserary against Kraken imo. And as far as I know there is some coding going on for 6.0 that will make it less effective against the three melee monsters.


i know its easy to dodge but sometimes its really ineffcient to dodge it so you end up taking a bar of damage…

Yeah, it requires strategy, get hit to secure a down or avoid it and miss the chance to down.

All strategy, just gotta adapt to the new Hunters. Can’t really say something is too strong immediately after release because the damage is fine and it’s really easy to dodge so it’s not even close to OP, just gotta keep track of it.

Anyone else really impressed that with Lennox and Jack, they both have never really been nerfed or buffed? Pretty balanced, so good job TRS.


How is that a sixth of his capacity?

His original capacity was 1200 and cut by 200 that is roughly just under 17% reduction but looking at this as a whole that buffs the reload while also looking at the fact that they also got rid of his reload delay when empty but 2 seconds. You also drain less ammo when red.

Overall this is a buff.

I myself would love to keep my mouth shut if this wasn’t a problem but facing this new Jack having his repulser up more the counter play to it was sort of thrown out the window with its new angle increase while also making it be up a lot more while hardly touching the capacity. Jack on his own I can deal with but this will stem a little off topic and more towards my hate for defensive comps. Game I had yesterday…

Goliath/ move speed

Val/Hank/Jack/Markov. The combination of the first three is just too much but even more so stressing Hank and Jack together is just ridiculous. On one hand you have a guy who has two get of jail free cards for himself but make it three with Jack and on the other hand you have a guy who mechanically negates your burst potential like Hank but in a different manner by stopping any form of movement against him completely.

I think Jack needs to mechanically looked at for his repulser and re assessed because not only was it made easier to use and less punishing all at the cost of 16% of the battery before I just see him having the ability to shut down a monster for as many seconds as he does way too high for what it’s worth.


Simple maths…


That just doesn’t seem right to showcase what he actually lost.

I divided the new capacity by the old and got my result and gave the answer as what was missing from the original percentage wise.

I’m picky like that when it comes to numbers :wink:

My result exactly being 16.666667% of the battery is now gone.

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Yeah, which is 1/6…

Sorry if I wasn’t clear but I do acknowledge that but as I said I am picky :stuck_out_tongue:

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