Why TRS not micropatching the Kraken? - Already 4 month now with OP Kraken!


See the headline I cant understand, every match on PS4 is against the OP Kraken. TRS has a micropatch system on the server side so why they dont use this to bring the Kraken a bit down?


The only way to do that would be nerfing his strength, which wouldn’t really solve anything. He’d still be the same combo beast, but it would take slightly longer to get a down, which is basically negated with CDs anyways.

Not really conducive to balance, IMO, since there’s a lot of stuff that has to go into fixing him.

They’ve got an overhaul with his name on it coming in the TU, so we’ll have to wait until then.


In b4 Shredder says that OP bastard of a monster is Balanced.

All the proof we need that the community says Kraken is OP.


Kraken may be the only Viable monster, but he is most definitely not balanced.


I agree with everything BUT that part. You should edit that out.


i hope he get nerfed in TU9 so many Kraken and Roll Spam Behemoth on Hunt 2.0 -.-


Why? If you cant beat him, it’s either a you problem, and you should improve yourself, or you are simply outplayed, and nothing you can do about it.


If he’s the only viable one, then any kind of logic would point to the fact that the other Monsters are not viable, and in fact need to be brought up to a viable level.

Which means that if Kraken is the only viable one, the rest need to be brought up to him?

Oh, you misunderstood. I feel the same way on the subject. I have zero trouble with Kraken. That phrase is kind of banned here. Post will get flagged if it’s left in it.


A monster that can mitigate damage while insta killing someone with one ability only, should not be considered balanced.


Ummm, easy to get damage if you know how, and you have a jetpack, use it


You’re actually going to exaggerate that much?



The way I see it is…

Most Versatile


Decent, But Vulnerable to Chase Comp


If You Win, You’re Just Showing Off



Huh. Thats an interesting opinion.


You disagree? Elaborate


No, he is OP. I think one of the biggest problem is WLM for the most part, she destroys all monsters traversals except wraith and Kraken, and Wraith’s heavy hit doesn’t break harpoons right now… So she is SOL.



Well- Nearly the entire competitive pool after the release of 8.0, felt kraken was overpowered. Im inclined to believe theres a reason why.

And lets clarify here- This is hunter and monster player alike-

When you can quote someone who is arguably the most predominant and competitive kraken player at the game, saying he himself also feels kraken is overpowered (In a duscission thread relating to how powerful kraken is or isnt in his 8.0 state), it might be worth taking into consideration.

But thats just my take on it.


Well, Being a competitive player since launch, and One of if not the best monsters and hunters on playstation, I would have to be inclined to disagree with you. How is it that Others that I play with and myself dont fell that kraken is crazy op and are actually beating krakens all the time? Thats hiw im lead to believe others are doing it way wrong. He isn’t perfectly balanced, but not OP. He has always been the strongest, but now that all other monsters (as stated, besides behemoth in situations) are absolute shit, he is juxtaposed as op.


Honestly, I don’t see why people complain about either of them. Playing both Monster and Hunter; I catch more hell from OG Maggie and Griffin than WLM, and Wraith currently kills me a lot more than a Kraken EVER has.

I feel he’s closer to balanced, but with a lower skill floor than the other Monsters. It’s easy to get higher damage out of him across the board, while also having good mitigation at most levels of competitive play. Easy does not equal OP, but it does merit a change in mechanics, which he’s getting in TU9.


Dont like getting rolled over by behemoth


Also, kraken just feels op because he can attack from any direction and can compete with the hunters ridiculous amount of healing, defense and attack that the hunters can do. He’s really the only one that can do it