Why there are twice as many TRS staff and Evolve players in this game


TRS claims that it has only one of each staff member. For instance, there is only 1 @MacMan they say.

However, I wish to demonstrate that TRS actually has twice the number of staff members; that is, there are 2 of each, including 2 Macmans.

Secondly, according to:


There is an average of 2500 people playing the game at its peak.

I wish to say that the actual amount is actually 5000, and not 2500.


See below:

According to the Ekpyrotic theory of the universe, the big bang was caused when two branes (“universes” at different dimensions) collapse into each other, converting their kinetic energies into matter.

Now, what is interesting is that the two branes were created such that each brane is a symmetric copy of the other universe. The other “twin” universe of ours looks exactly alike, but is made of matter with opposite properties.

See below:

Above: The above shows the interactions between quarks (which make up hadrons, which in turn make up protons). For instance, electrons which are negatively charged have a positively charged equivalent known as a positron. All quarks have charge and two other properties: spin and color. Spin is the quantized angular momentum, while color is another perimeter of the strong nuclear force.

Thus, our opposite universe will have particles that are exactly opposite: Up-quarks with a red color and positive charge will become anti-red and negatively charged in the other twin universe.

This is done so to preserve the law of the conservation of color, spin, charge, and matter.

So in other words, the other twin universe will look exactly like ours, with people, buildings, and countries all like us.

Q: So how does this got to do with the number of Evolve Players?

A: Simple. Since we have a twin universe, there is an exact duplicate of every Evolve player right now, which bumps the number up to 5000.

Q: Then how has this got to do with the number of staff in TRS?

A: There are 2 twin universes = a pair of each staff member = twice as many TRS staff members, including 2 Macmans. This means that TRS is actually twice as productive as it seems.

Q: Are there any other applications of this?

A: There are twice as many cheaters, twice as many patches, support, content, and twice as many hunters.




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