Why there are no loading screen mini games


So people constantly ask why there can’t be any mini games in between loading screens and really if the developers could I would assume they would, but there is apparently, and don’t quote me on this as I just found this out, there is a copyright on that kind of thing by Namco. So yeah that is what I assume to be the reason.


Namco has a copyright I think. Some company does, or did until recently/soon(?)


now that you mention is I believe it was namco


It’s a shame. A minigame for the long loading screens in evolve would’ve helped, though loading screens are apparently being shortened in TU09


Fantastic, now it will be much faster(if you find a match).


Wait, really? I didn’t think that was the kind of thing you could get a copyright on :confused:


The copyright is expiring in a few years… but yeah… Namco has it.


I don’t really understand how you could have a mini game anyway. You are waiting for the game to load. So, wouldn’t having a mini game going while it’s trying to load cause unnecessary stress and increase the wait time and crash instances?


The copyright expired last year in 2015.

View the beginning of this video, it explains that minigames were put into loading screens and then Namco promptly patented it. Though this patent has now expired.


You’d be surprised at the stupid shit that’s got a patent in video games

Ever notice how in racing games, you hit change view, and you “snap” to the next view? Ok probably not, but now you’ll notice it if you think about it. That’s because sega owns the mechanic of having the camera “slide” smoothly from view to view

Sega actually owns a lot of them. The idea of having an arrow above your head to point you in the right direction? Can’t use that- sega owns it.

There’s even a limit on one player vs particular mob densities. Like dynasty warriors? They have specific patents regarding what they feel is their defining combat style- preventing other games from trying to do the one vs an army thing, so the patent basically limits other games from having too many enemies against one player type of stuff.

Ever wonder why other games don’t use those great convo wheels from mass effect?


Etc and etc.


I don’t know why YouTube suggested this to me but I thought I’d link it here since it’s relevant and has a decent amount of views.

Namco did indeed have a patent that prevented other games from having mini-games in their loading screens, though it apparently expired November of last year…


But… they do…


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