Why the time to revive after death so long?


I’ve noticed as Laz, long as the monster doesn’t eat the body, you can wait for EVER to revive. Like a whole arena cycle. And still comfortably revive. Seems a bit much. If you can’t revive after 30 seconds, the body should decay.

@MacMan, is there a reason the monster is expected to stay in an undesirable position for over a minute against a Lazarus? If you chase him, as Goliath at least, and he slips through for even a second he’ll get the revive off while you’re stuck in a leap smash animation.

Just wondering. Seems VERY long.


it is definitely long for sure lol… but then agonizingly short for survivors in rescue mode.


Well one solution to this problem is to just kill Lazarus.


It’s that long because you’re meant to hunt Lazarus, and not camp the body. Camping the body works against bad Lazarus players, but you’ll have to outplay a good one.


45 seconds i believe. plenty of time and good laz’ will wait patiently. can you afford to body block for 45 seconds?


Longer actually, consider that the hunter has to bleed out first.

I addressed this. Try hunting a good Laz, he will kite you and while you’re stuck in some kind of animation use the 1 second revive time to help his teammate.

But I should have known I’d get the half baked “LOL JUST KILL HIM” responses.

So my response is to “JUST KITE THE MONSTER”. No monster should be able to catch you using cloak and heal burst.


No monster can be kited if built right. Shotgun Goliath, Thunderstruck Kraken, Bomber Wraith