Why the game was great on release and not so much recently



I can get why you’d attribute the game’s current state to power creep. However, I think the situation is a fair bit more complex than that. It’s not that the newer monsters and hunters made the previous obsolete, or seem UP (I mean, look at Gorgon, she was hardly viable outside of mid-level play) but rather that the balance team weren’t originally open to adjusting anything outside of a character’s raw-stats when discussions of balance came up. I believe that, that has changed with TU9.0, however.

Fact of the matter is that some characters have needed abilities replacing, or the functions of certain abilities altered for a fair while now, and that is likely a large part of the reason as to why Evolve is currently in the state it’s in.


Game was great on release when Wraith moved like an assassin when in actual combat… sniff

But casulz who were like “Im 2 week to fert at sterge juan or duce! Merst reech sterge Tree!” and that overall ruined the game for a lot of Wraith Players. And yes she needed touching… but that was it.

And her current state now where her swings are de-fukin-layed is what seriously irks me about her.

Now as far as the topic goes in terms of power creep the characters (mostly) are pretty much more balanced out than before and just about everyone except Sucket is pretty reliable. Although with this new update coming I’m really just waiting for it to pop then I’ll be coming back to get all sorts of salty.


I agree with @Nasha842.

Val is still the most strongest and most consistant medic. Slim is powerful, but teamwork is his backbone, and what makes/breaks him.

T4 and T5 did not outdate the older release tiers. They added more gameplay. Now if TRS made OG Val have a faster Medgun for her variation, then I could see TRS being involved with power creep, but the variations fix problems that their OG counterparts have, like how Val can’t heal multiple teammates or how Mags couldn’t do enough damage.

Evolve problems come from 2 major areas: balance and launch. DLC, reviews, Beta, all fall under launch. TRS balanced everything around numbers when the game launched, and 2 or so updates ago TRS got a balance team. Now TRS is reworking majority of the game too.


I think too the game was great at launch.
I played so much and couldn’t get enough.
Loved every minute, no matter if I played hunter or monster.

This is what I loved.
Playing as a monster, running, hiding and fighting hard to get to stage 3, just to retaliate on the hunters for making me run in the first place.
It was such a thrill. Every successful dome a good team would achieve would get your heart racing.
The feeling when you got stage 3 and put the same fear into the hunters, priceless!

Playing as a hunter, the oh so tiring tracking and chasing, the skill and team work you needed to catch the monster at the right time, preferably at the right place too. The superior feeling you get when trapping the monster already on stage1 potentially ending the hunt right there.
Being or having a good trapper in your team and appreciating the responsibility that came with it, like coordinating and leading the team.
The joy of a successful hunt even against the most sneekiest of monsters, also priceless.
A hard fought victory at the relay against a full grown monster, incredible!

I don’t think Evolve will give dedicated players that kind of feeling again. Hunt 2.0 made that clear.
The challenging and skillful hunt had to go for a mode of quick engagement. Just like in an arena shooter like Overwatch.
Easy to get in to for anyone, but sadly boring to players who loved the challenging aspect of the game and the actual skill needed for a succeful hunt.

I still enjoy playing from time to time. But sadly not because of the balancing of the game.
Just because of the great design, sound and so much work that was put into the lore and characters.

I’m looking forward what will happen with the revised version of evolve. (title update)
Even though I’m pretty sure that the new dome mechanic will bring more pain than gain for casual gamers, since if the monster is not domed at the right time and the right place by a person who actually knows what he is doing, it will just piss off the rest of the players.
I assume there will be even more grief about players that just waste a dome, like assaults who would waste a shield.

But those are all assumptions and I’m still curious how things will play out. Cause Grizzle said it’s going to be awesome, so I’m going to wait and see. :slight_smile:


I really only see this affecting buffs , perks and monster points that’s it


I don’t see the correlation between that video and Evolve, you trollin?


Just speaking on the topic of the video I think this is something we keep in mind with every decision we make. We’ve played tons of games over the years and been burned by the feeling of power creep as players, so I think it is something we want to take every step we can to avoid in the future.

We definitely want to deliver a interesting and new experience with each new character we bring to the table, but I’m confident in our ability to do that while making sure to keep a consistent power curve across all characters.


So I think PowerCreep is going to be less of an issue going forward in games. What I’m NOT looking forward too is the grind AAA games are going to become in order to get you to buy the DLC.

Look at R6 and it’s new Starter Pack and Battleborn with it’s DLC. Even Overwatch, Halo and COD are all getting real grindy to unlock things with the shortcut to buy them always hovering.


Ken Levine (game developer of Bioshock) once did a presentation where he said that quality AAA games straight of the box will become more and more a thing from the past.

Reason for this being the amount of time and resources to make such a game happen vs the public who demands more and more out of the game.

On the other side of the spectrum you see how simple games are selling better and better because they are selling something unique with upgrades you can earn either yourself or buy them to save time.

How games are being made and advertised, it wont get better towards the future. I just hope that sometimes real gems still appear with a fantastic storyline and gameplay value (including replayability).


This video really does not apply to Evolve. Sure release sunny and torvald were absolutely ridiculous and maybe it did take a bit too long to bring them more into line, especially sunny, but making the argument that TRS release new characters that are purposefully OP is not going to work.


Games that I’ve played at least.

  • Evolve
  • Titanfall (2014), balance became stagnant as with all multiplayer games that don’t get continued balance.


As many people have said, there isn’t a relation between the video and Evolve and a Dev replied to clarify some stuff.

Plus, the OP only posted the video and he/she hasn’t discussed the topic with anybody and thus, I’ll be closing this thread.