Why the dramatic power shift to Supernova and Decoy? (And adaptation talk)


This baffles me and I find it to be such a scary change, because before WB and Abduction was the Wraith’s bread and butter. Not avoiding those used to be a death sentence, now it seems we’ve been lead to move on to fearing SN and Decoy more.

What could had been the reasoning behind this shift, where what role does the shift put Wraith in? How would such a big shift affect her adaptation?
Kraken and Goliath got a few reworks that shifted their power and playstyles right around the time their adaptations came out, with a character as problematic as the Wraith seeing such changes brings up intersting questions.
So many questions so many reasons to love Evolve. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably something to do with her adaption maybe?

Puts her more in a position of fighting like Goliath or behemoth than her being the assassin


I prefer having Supernova as her primary damage dealer. It’s an obvious skill that is easy to understand and easy to know how to dodge it. Decoy however is a whole different story.


cause before in the beta the fact that the wraith+decoy could attack was OP, so they removed it, wraith is balanced, add it back in and shocker wraith is OP again.


She couldn’t though…


To be fair it’s still abduct and warp blast that you save your jetpack for. Decoy AI is abusable, and SN can be walked out of as the radius isn’t that large and the duration is pretty short.


Which is why you pick slow the hunter perk =D


True, but SN is still just a 1 point ability. 2-3 points in it doesn’t increase duration which is the biggest reason to put more points in it. And 1 point is small enough to get out pretty easily. Also, I don’t think the slow applies to bunny hopping, but I need to double check on how the acceleration is factored in.


Wraith + Decoy could not attack at the same time.


It applies to your running speed bunny hopping doesn’t give you a speed boost it just stops you from moving out of sprint while firing except for certain characters like caira and TShank that don’t have to worry about that.


You dont need long to stay in SN to be dead however, so you need to dodge out, because if slowed you walk nowhere out before you eat tons of damage. Currently however i think if the decoy gets a more realistic damage number(=lower) and maybe abduction a little buff as compensation it could work out well for a balanced state.


SN doesn’t add as much damage as you think. It’s an increase, yes, but the reason why ppl lose to Wraiths is because people panic and try to precisely dodge out of things that they don’t need to. Every monster has moves that you don’t waste JP on, for Wraith it’s Decoy/SN. Decoy AI can be abused, SN damage isn’t super high. It’s WB and abduct that do it the most. That being said,

Abduct does 500 damage with 1 point, pulls people out of the air where Wraith struggles the most AND the person being dragged can be hit by decoy and can’t fight back. Abduct is fine. Someone JPs away, you abduct and now that have to spend another dodge just to get back where they were.


The problem with abduction i have is i eat more damage while i abduct. Maybe its just my friends that make me troubles using it (they know somewhat how to counter me) but if i abduct, the are “awaiting” that and send there precisly the damage booster/kalas mines or so ever which hit me then heavy. Abduction movement is predictable and i’m to long locked in that place where it starts/ends if i use it.
Of course that problem will not be encountered against pubs, they most likely dont get there an advantage out but still its personal a big letdown for me using abduction


Think of it this way. If you are just meleeing targets your heavy is 225 and 90 on lights. You would still be predictable and taking just as much damage as you would with abduct before you put 500 damage on someone. Abduct does all that AND takes one hunter out of the equation. You can also use it to pull someone out of line of site behind a wall. It’s part of her combo ability and I feel that it is still really good to have.


The problem might be just for me but i feel like i do better damage if i dont use abduction and instead focus on warpblast/decoy/sn and i’m not getting that many hits. I still have that same problem with behemoth however which feels to clunky(locked in place) for me why i dont play him much.
The wraith is that opposite of a behemoth which just feels better and i’m on focusing staying in movement all time with wraith, where abduction is the only thing the would stop it.


Behemoth isn’t great for many reasons, most of all it’s his traversal that doesn’t fit in with the current new food system. There is a lot more move and eat and move and eat, where before Behemoth would roll to a heavy food spawn, eat everything and then move on. Less large food groups now.


i currently played all kind of monsters today but yes that would sum it up about behemoth. Evolve is now played faster iwhich fits a wraith pretty well, wraith only get a problem about good groups but i think there a lot of monster have problems. But good groups are a minority anyway currently. Thats why i could see a little help for abduction that might makes life easier against skilled groups while not pushing pub-stomp.

My preference would be that Abduction would be somekind of little controlable so i dont end up exactly where it starts(but still in a range of the start, nothing extreme but some meters away). I know its surely not easy to program such a change cause of the current way abduction is functioning now more like a teleport.


You always need to avoid nova, but Decoy got a lot stronger now that Wraith can attack while the decoy is attacking.