Why! Stop making us monster


It’s always pissed me off. After 150-200 hours it still pisses me off when there are three of us on the server and no one wants to play monster but one of us is forced to. Funny enough we want to play together, pretty obvious. A.i. is more fun than forcing us to play monster. Seems a pretty obvious choice to make when designing the game. Yeah ideally the server is full but that’s often not the case.


I don’t know where you live, but I’ve never had a problem with finding different people at any time of the day or night on pretty much any date. Try waiting about 2 minutes after a game for another group to end their game if that’s what bothering you more.

And you could use this opportunity to practice playing Monster every once in a while, but if you have no interest in Monster, and its more fun to play against AI Monster than for one of you to play it, why not just play coop?


This role swapping system won’t be changed any time now. So, if you can’t get rid of it, just embrace it. It’s either this or you wait for five minutes so you won’t get paired with the same people. But even then, you’ll be randomed a Monster in the future matches - you need to be prepared for such occasion. Like me, I’ve finally learned how to play Goliath, Kraken, thinking about practicing with Wraith already!


Just wait patch 2.08 then u get wat u want if u so desired not playing the monster… or just suck it up at the mean time or co op with ur friends…


The point is more just stick it as a bot until someone else joins the server.


Thats called coop, and then when you get a message custom game