Why Steam reviews should never be trusted


Evolve is the perfect example of why the Steam review system is almost completely worthless. There’s over 2,500 reviews on a game that isn’t even released and has only had a couple alpha tests??? That’s asinine. While it’s good that at least the majority of reviews are positive, no one should be making judgments about the game when they have limited experience and don’t even have a close-to-final build. We’re still 3 months out from the full release!

Some of the negative reviews are calling this Early Access. That is a complete misunderstanding of what the alpha/Big Alpha was. Not only is there a misconception that alpha test = demo, but Early Access is a specific state of releasing a game. At least with true Early Access, Steam is starting to label it as such and the reviews as well. With the method of release for Evolve, the reviews appear to be on the full game and someone that doesn’t pay attention to the dates could well believe someone is complaining about the full release version.

Personally, I don’t trust any reviewers. I generally rely on friends in the gaming community to tell me what they think. However, I do tend to look at the overall average of reviews when deciding on a game that I don’t know much about but people want me to play. It’s sad to me that some people might pass up on Evolve thinking it’s not polished enough to be a AAA title, when in reality they’re simply listening to the gripes of someone who clearly had no idea what they were playing.


if only here was a way to vote reviews to be deleted. and if enough of them go through its removed. who reads steam reviews anywho?


Honestly, I just think any game which has not been fully released should not have reviews enabled as it’s all subject to change anyway so once a new build of the game is out any number of the reviews could then be void.


i watch people play the game on twitch with the sound off so i can see the game play and not have to hear an idiot talking with extreme bias. it can give you a good sense of the game


Actually, steam reviews are not possible right now. It was only possible while the big alpha ran because steam recognized this as “game released/playable”, making it possible to review it.